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Software Development

Deliver product in time with complete transparency

Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh

Accounting Software

Online based accounting & inventory software for single or multiple company

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HR-Payroll Software

Web based HR/Payroll software for employee management and Payroll system

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Office Management

Manage you Office/staff with online software, email notification and SMS system

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Garments ERP

Online Based Garments ERP to maintain accounts, payroll, production, LC etc.

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Freight Forwarding

Manage bill of lading, air way bill, freight invoice, debit/credit note, monthly invoice

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Restaurant Software

Restaurant touch screen POS software to maintain daily sales and reports

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Point of Sale (POS)

Online based POS software for shop/super shop with bar-code system  inventory

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Apps Development

Whether you’re looking for creating apps for android or mobile app development

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Custom Software

Codage Corporation Ltd. is the most advanced and reliable custom software Development Company

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SMS Marketing Software

Send unlimited SMS by SMS marketing software with your BRAND name

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Email Marketing Software

You can send unlimited emails by using our email marketing software

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Software development or custom software solution is probably the most profitable trade right now, but that’s a view from fully business perspective. Here at Codage Corporation Ltd., Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh, our prior aim is to offer most fundamental software development services at an acceptable price range not only for small business organizations, but big corporate firms also. To run any company, or any business houses, an integrated software system plays the key role for putting a close look to managerial work, employee’s task update, salary sheet creation, Human Resource Management and many more. With a dignified ambition to serve respected clientages with the best software products, Codage Corporation Ltd. has become the most egressing software development company in Bangladesh.

From the very beginning, Codage Corporation Ltd., Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh, has been pretty successful in understanding clients mindset, like what they want, how they would like to receive their service, whether their investment is in right hand or not, how the software development company will treat after delivering the software, what if the software design is not satisfactory, whether the company can serve with deliberate custom software development, and many more. We, the Codage Corporation Ltd., are pretty concerned about such mindset and always put our level best to ensure client’s about the quality of our work. And thankfully, the team is doing pretty good so far now. Most importantly, we never fear to accept any challenges offered by the clients. Besides making sure cent percent satisfaction through our custom software development service, we never compromise about the quality of our work. We understand how much importance a software can carry for his/her organization as well as the investment. Codage Corporation Ltd. provides good value to money in software development service.

Most of time, a business organization or startup firm gets fooled by so called software Development Company. Those so called companies put attractive offer with unbelievable discount rate and seduce the management of those small capitalized organization. Those cunning software development companies always try to take the investment with tricky approach and hand over the worst quality software. And then, the company in client end face unbearable problems with that corresponding low cost software. In Codage Corporation Ltd., Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh, all we focus on is the quality of our service. It doesn’t really matter to us, whether the client’s company is small or large, or can’t invest humongous amount of money on a single software system, our allegation remain the same, offer the best as always.

If you search for the best custom software company, you’ll realize plenty of self-styled organization blabbering that they are the best, they are the cheapest, and many more. Codage Corporation Ltd. doesn’t believe in such talks. Because we know, that approach might get us a lot of revenue, but we don’t want to make fool to our respected clients. Whatever the software is about or whatever the client’s business is, we want to facilitate them with each and every resources we are equipped with. Due to our hard work and quality team effort, Codage Corporation Ltd. is now mentioned as the most advanced and reliable custom software Development Company.

Apparently, the question might appear now, which type of software we tend to develop for our honorable clients group, or our expertise in developing which kind of software. Well, Codage Corporation Ltd. is pretty capable of developing any sorts of office management software. And since, we’re offering the nation’s best software application development services right now, we’ve years of experienced software development team working for following types of software.

  • Accounting Software
  • Point of Sale
  • Office/Sales/Meeting Management Software
  • HR-Payroll Software
  • Restaurant Management Software
  • Web based Custom Software Development
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Bulk SMS Software
  • Freight Forwarding Software
  • Garments ERP

You see, Codage Corporation Ltd., Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh, might seem a new comer in the ever-growing software development industry, but we’ve been doing quite impressive from the very first day of our inauguration. So far, we’ve talked about a lot of matters, but let’s now look over a few points and find why you should choose us for providing custom software solutions.

  • Years of valid working experience with different CMS’s
  • Capable of handling project at a time
  • Never violating project deadline
  • Offering proper user guide while delivering the system
  • Offer intuitive and innovating software designs
  • Expertise on Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Design, code and implement new custom software
  • Strictly follows SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) Approach
  • Contains a dedicated team of professional PHP developers
  • Offer highly fundamental Android Apps Development Service
  • Security setup, configuration and testing
  • Documentation & Security Implementation

Let’s talk about why you would be in need of a well-organized software application development service. Whenever you’re thinking about opening your own business, or planning to make sheer renovation in your current business corporation, custom software solutions will help you in big time. Suppose your company has recently upgraded its level and become a group of company. Since, in a group of company, there are huge number of employees, an Accounting software will come as big relief to you for salary calculation and company’s profit validation. For such a huge organization, an HR/Payroll software can facilitate with similar merits. And if you want to advertise your brand in front of mass number of audience, then there is no alternate of having a conceptually built Email Marketing Software and Bulk SMS Software. We don’t think we’ve to talk anything about Garments ERP. Because any garment factory is simply obsolete without a custom ERP System.

To develop any of these software, we believe, Codage Corporation Ltd., Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh, can come real handy for you as of the most emerging custom software development company. Before you think of investing a heavy amount of money onto some regular software solution firm, try us. Let Codage Corporation Ltd. make your dream come true. Organizing your company will be more fluent than ever.