22 Jun 2017
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a term that refers to the promotion of anything on social media networks. This includes marketing affiliate links, CPA links, blog articles, website links and more on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks.

While everyone knows that social networks are growing very fast, not all internet marketers are taking full advantage of social marketing. Taking advantage of social media marketing can hold a lot of benefits for your online business and internet marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing – The Secret Ingredient

Take a look at a popular blog in your niche. Chances are, the blog has social sharing buttons and links to their social accounts. You should also be able to see a number of shares per social network on the social sharing buttons – and the numbers should also be quite high.

Why is this so? Simply because the owner of that blog found out that social media marketing really is the secret ingredient to being successful and driving lots of traffic and engagement to your blog.

By utilizing different social media networks, you are able to tap into new markets, expand your reach and build better authority for yourself, your brand and for your website. The best part of it all is that including a social media marketing strategy in your online marketing strategy doesn’t take up too much extra time, and it’s a great way to learn more about your audience.

Social Networks to Target

When planning out your social media marketing strategy, you should be aware of several popular social networks that you can target in your strategy. You should also do proper research to find out on which social networks your target audience hangs out most, and then you should target these social networks more than others.
Some popular social networks you should start with includes:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

These are some great networks that can help you get started. You should browse through these networks and find out where your target audience hangs out most, and in which sections you can uncover and expand your reach.

Your Social Accounts

Your website should have a social presence on as many social networks as possible. This is important since social media helps improve engagement and will help you find out more about your target audience – what they want to read about, what they are shopping for, etc.

Ensure you create a social presence for your website or blog on all of the social networks listed above, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

A high quality and creative profile picture should be added to all your accounts, as well as a cover photo that explains what your website is all about. You should then post regular content on your account – do not use your social presence to only share links to your website. You need to find a good balance of posting quality content, helpful hints and links to your sites on your social accounts. This will give you more authority and can help you increase your social following, which will drive traffic to your website and increase your online engagement.

22 Jun 2017
agile software development

Agile software development describes a unique approach to computer programming. The popularity of the concept really took off more than a decade ago in 2001 when a group of experienced software developers got together to document the best way to develop software. This effort culminated in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, a publication detailing the 12 core principles of this unique approach to creating software.

Over the years, the popularity of the agile approach is increasing as individuals, project teams, and entire companies recognize a variety of benefits.

Agile software development is often contrasted with the waterfall approach to programming. One of the major differences between the two approaches involves the issue of software testing. In the waterfall approach, software is created and then tested just before implementation. With agile, software testing is done on an ongoing basis, repeatedly throughout the coding process.

5 Benefits of Agile Software Development and Scrum

The popularity of agile software programming has grown exponentially over the past decade for a number of different reasons, and there are now many champions of this approach. Follow along to learn five benefits of the agile approach to software development:

More Productivity

During agile software development, the workload is broken up into smaller chunks and the deliverables are completed in shorter iterations. This decreases the chance that programmers get too far off track on a project, and when problems do happen, they are more easily identified and corrected more quickly.

Increased Morale of Programmers

Many computer programmers prefer to do their work in smaller achievable pieces, rather than big overwhelming tasks that may lack clarification. This helps people recognize accomplishments and better measure progress which tend to increase overall morale both individually and on a team.

Clearer Communication

Both agile and scrum encourage clearer and more frequent communication between all of the business partners involved in a software project. The scrum framework establishes an organized process for daily communication and responsibility, creating tighter team bonds and greater project clarity.

Higher Quality

Agile and Scrum often lead to a better end product because the project work is divided into smaller units which are easier to test and validate along the way. In the end, this typically leads to fewer errors and higher overall quality.

Predictable Costs

Because cost estimates are typically required at the beginning of each iteration in the agile software development work cycle, estimating costs tends to be easier and more transparent. Predictable costs also improve decision making about priority features and project changes.

While agile programming is dynamic and includes a range of approaches and preferences, the fundamental structure of agile software development yields some clear benefits for business leaders, software developers, project managers and others.


17 Jun 2017

I’ve lost count of the number of blog posts, articles and Forum comments that I have read online espousing the benefits of social media and social networking sites for a business. Some of them are really insightful, some of them have some good case studies and some of them are just absolute crap. At the end of the day, most of these posts all say the same thing. In some way, they all espouse the three things that I mention below. For most business owners there are three goals that should be achieved from social media marketing.

Goals of Social Networking & Social Media Marketing

Raise awareness of your business

Obviously, all marketing should have an effect on raising awareness of your business. The more you are out there, the more people should know of your existence. Social networking sites are a good way to spread awareness of your business. I mean, this should be obvious. There are 500 million people worldwide who have a Facebook profile. If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd biggest in the world. Chances are that some of your target audience members are on Facebook. Your existing clients will probably be on there too and if they join your business Fan Page it will show up in their news feed and this will be seen by their Facebook friends. They may become curious, click on the link and become a Fan themselves if your offer is sufficiently interesting.

Increase traffic to your main website

Social media marketing is also designed or should be designed, to increase traffic to your main website. This can be through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter but also through writing articles and submitting them to directories like this one or participating in web forums and networking groups that are related to your niche. You need to make sure you always provide useful content on each of these sites and then subtly provide a link to your main website so that people will click on the link and visit your main site.

Engage directly with your target audience

Don’t underestimate the importance of the world social when it comes to social media or social networking marketing. You need to remember that you are dealing with people. Engage directly with your audience and have a conversation. Don’t preach and listen when your audience talks back to you.

If you want to engage in this type of marketing make sure you aim to achieve the three goals I have mentioned above- make sure you work to raise awareness of your business, increase web traffic and engage directly with your audience.

17 Jun 2017

The tech-driven business world is rapidly progressing to cope with the changing requirements of customers. With the changing consumer preferences, companies are trying to enhance their core competencies such that their product and service offerings hold a competitive edge. Having these in mind, many businesses opt for outsourced software development to centralize their time and effort on core activities and get better quality products at shorter release cycles. However, having the right approach to software development is important as this concept involves a range of age-old methodologies and misconceptions.

Mistakes to Avoid for Error-Free Software Development

Following here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid in the domain of software development.

Inadequate Market Research

Market research is a crucial element of almost all phases of the product lifecycle starting from idea validation to maturity. It caters multiple purposes including identifying needs, setting pricing, deciding product specification and much more. With market research, you can unfold the potential opportunities for developing new products as well as upgrading the existing products. With consideration of the costs involved in research & development, innovation and commercialisation, market research offers a higher ROI.

Initiating Product Development without Prior Viability Analysis

Most companies start developing a product right after defining the requirements without even checking the market feasibility of the undertaken project. Prior feasibility analysis will include a set of different factors including market acceptance, cost analysis, target market penetration and much more. Testing feasibility of the product by evaluating these factors will help in attaining success and eliminating the chances of loss.

Preferring Existing Product Customisation over Building it from Scratch

Often companies prefer customizing their existing products over developing an entirely new product for reducing the costs and meet quicker time-to-market. However, improving an existing product can make them fall behind in the tech-competent world and overlook the latest advancements as well. However, aspects like identifying the reusable elements, finding more opportunities for reuse and adapting them to cater the present requirements might cost more than building something from the very scratch. Keeping these things in mind, new product development can serve as a time-saving and cheaper option compared to customization.

No Proper Coordination between Product Development & Product Marketing

Proper synchronization between the product marketing department and development team is necessary to make sure that the developed product is a perfect replica of the desired one. Coordination of the marketing functions and product development activities will help the company to promote the product as per user requirements and market needs.

Final Word

Considering these possibilities can help businesses to lead into the wrong path and promote a seamless process of software development ahead. Furthermore, it will decrease the chances of getting deviated from the development strategy and help in proper monitoring of ongoing progress of the development process as well.

12 Jun 2017
inbound marketing

The new big boy on the marketing block is Inbound Marketing. He used his muscles and pushed the older Traditional Marketing strategy to the side. Okay, before you readers who do use traditional marketing get riled, I’ll be the first to agree that this strategy of marketing, specifically person-to-person networking geared toward referrals and business, is still alive and well.

But, for the online marketer, inbound marketing is the strategy that leads the race. Searching online is the first choice of people looking for products, services, and information. In case you’re not familiar with what’s involved in inbound and traditional marketing here’s an overview.

Traditional/Outbound Marketing

We’re all very familiar with traditional marketing. I’m sure most of us have been annoyed at one time or another by the telemarketer, television commercials and infomercials, and radio plugs. There is also the newspaper advertising, and don’t forget the environmentalist’s arch enemy: junk mail.

This form of marketing is considered invasive. You are the target and the marketing companies take broad aim and bombard you with funny, stupid, crazy, confusing, annoying, dumbing down, and once in a while informative commercials and advertisements. These marketing tools go so far as to invade the privacy of your own home.

With traditional marketing, the potential customer is not looking for your product or anything similar. Again, the marketing company is taking a broad aim and spraying as large a target as possible in the hope of snagging a customer.

Inbound Marketing

While traditional marketing slaps you in the face with their promotions, inbound marketing gently taps you on the shoulder through Search Engines.

In fact, the inbound marketer doesn’t really even tap the potential customer-it cleverly uses information or entertainment as a means of drawing traffic to a website or blog.

So, instead of television, newspapers, and junk mail, inbound marketing uses blogs, article marketing, and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, and Technorati.

In regard to blogging, the inbound marketer provides content that his niche target is looking for. When the target does a Google search to find out how to market a book, the search engines provide a number of places the target can find this information. Depending on your ranking in the particular search engine being used will determine how far up or down on the listing provided your site will be.

One of the key factors in ranking high in the search engines is to use keywords in your title and content. In addition to this, the content must be valuable to the target audience, your title must be representative of the content, and you need to post regularly. Write with an objective and make your content exceptional.

12 Jun 2017
web hosting service

People often ask me about factors that they should be taking into consideration before signing up for a web hosting service. Unfortunately, there is not one, simple answer. Instead, different types of requirements can be served with different types of services. You can start with narrowing down your own requirements. Don’t forget to make two distinct lists: ‘must-have requirements’ and ‘optional requirements’. Once you are aware of what you need out of a web hosting service, the second step would be deciding your budget. This is probably the easiest step of all because you would know that already somewhere in the back of your head.

Buying A Great Web Hosting Service

There are heaps of hosting providers available in the market. Hence, we started our search with narrowing down what we are looking for. A simple Google search can return several services and it might be hard to choose from. But if you keep your list of requirements in front of you, it would be much easier. Here is what you can do to aid your search:

1) Study the web hosting service

After filtering a few service providers, you should start digging into the business history of each. Remember to strikethrough those that are not in business since a reasonable amount of time. A reasonable amount of time can range from one to three years. Read reviews of that particular service provider on blogs and forums. Only move with this provider if it passes the first step.

2) Choose web hosts with at least 99.9% uptime

Do remember that a cheap service may attract you with colorful banners and advertisements. However, it is not necessary that their servers are capable of handling traffic consistently, no matter what the load is. Many good services mention their server uptime. Filter your list of web hosts with only those that have at least 99.9% server uptime.

3) Look for Support & Knowledge Base

Never sign up with a service provider that doesn’t offer 24/7 support. Many good hosting services offer live chat option. Although the wait-time is considerable, you have an advantage of getting your issue resolved quickly. Make sure that the company has a good knowledge base available at your disposal and it includes basic FAQs in it. You don’t want to keep your website visitors on hold till your web host fix the issue.

If you consider these three things in your web host hunting, you will definitely end up finding a great web hosting service that will the long-lasting companion of your website and your clients.

3 Jun 2017
Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Formulating a marketing strategy for your Ecommerce website is one of the most important things you can do for your business. There’s no point in building a website before you’ve even thought about the marketing aspect of it. You must understand your market from the outset so that you can attract customers as soon as possible.

So what should your Ecommerce marketing strategy be?

First, define what is unique about your product or service and, with that in mind, create a step-by-step marketing plan.

A big feature of marketing these days is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which basically means ensuring that the content of your website includes the most effective keywords for each page so that when a potential customer is doing an online search, the odds are more in your favor that they will be directed to your site from the search results pages. Keyword research is the most vital part of SEO. Finding the best keywords and keyword phrases for your business is critical because you should build your Ecommerce site around these keyword phrases; you don’t just throw them in as an afterthought. Discovering the proper keyword phrases may indeed be the most important step in your whole marketing strategy.

Your ecommerce marketing strategy should include the time and budget for lots of market research. The goal of this market research is to discover:

– Who are your potential customers?

– What do your potential customers want?

– What is their demographic?

– Who are your competitors?

– What are your competitors offering?

– How are your competitors reaching their customers?

Just because keywords are the foundation you build your website upon, that does not mean that the design of your website doesn’t matter. Of course it does. Your customers should be comfortable and happy when browsing your site and should feel encouraged to visit again. The site needs to look professional, and reflect the unique aspect of your product or service. It should be simple to navigate and must enhance the visitor’s experience. Include some positive reviews from past customers if possible. All of your terms and conditions should be clear and unambiguous. Very importantly, all of your contact details must be simple to find and should be repeated throughout the site.

Once your site is created, that does not mark the end of your ecommerce marketing strategy. On the contrary, you must now work hard to maintain the site, always being sure that it’s up to date. Additionally, you should constantly analyze its web traffic to find out how many visitors you’re getting, how long they spend on the site, what pages they visit, etc. This information is invaluable for enhancing the site, fine tuning your strategy and thus bolstering your bottom line.

28 May 2017
web application design company

Are you looking for an effective and professional website to carry out business? You need the support and assistance of a professional web application Design Company. It is important to have a site which includes all the relevant features. Any business website must necessarily have advanced and enriched user-friendly features. A professional and experienced web application development company can help you a lot.

The company offering such services will try and understand your business needs since the needs of a medical equipment manufacturing firm cannot be the same as that of a gaming website. Only a professional company knows how to handle different industries and deliver app development services. Then it can also help you to prepare the best layout. With the perfect layout, you can convey your business message across to the potential customers. Your business will also enjoy a unique identity and thus it will be different from other brands selling the same products you offer. To avail the best services, you need to follow the top tips to choosing the best company.

Important factors to consider when choosing a web application design company

In order to thrive in this competitive era, your website must be easy-to-navigating, easy-to-use, reliable, error-free and well designed. Besides, new technologies in the current times are centered on iPad, iTunes, and iPhones. It is important to choose the right app development services:

The experience level: Before you take the services of a professional company, you must check out the level of experience the company is having. A company having years of experience in developing mobile phone related apps must be chosen. If you wish for iPhone app development, look for a company which specializes in Apple app development.

Offering excellence: Make sure the company you choose for app development offers excellence. Your chosen company must be able to develop an app which functions well with your device. If you wish for iPad app development, it must create an app which may be used easily with the iPad device. The firm must not make any compromise on the look and quality of the app.

Offer versatility in design: The Company must offer you versatility in designing the applications and creativity. It must readily accept new kind of ideas and show utmost willingness to make changes to the apps. In fact, the company needs to be competent technically. It needs to have the team of highly experienced and knowledgeable app developers.

The portfolio of work: You cannot choose any company on the basis of word-of-mouth advertisement. You need to check out the past projects accomplished by the company. Have a look at the apps developed.

Business operations, industry practices: Apart from the business model, you must look for developments relating to industry practices and business operations. Have a look at the company policies when it comes to the authority or ownership of the final program code. Check out its expertise in designing, programming, SEO, and usability. Make sure it does not outsource the task of app development.

When you want the app development services, you will find that there are hundreds of companies in the industry. Do not go by cheaper rates since the firm may offer you low-quality services. Do some research to find the company that can deliver as per the needs of your business.

26 May 2017
Article Writing Company

In today’s world of advancing technology, the competition between every business in the world is increasing. The business is increasing on the internet and to attract the customers you will surely need a very strong content for your website. You might have tried an article writer but you should really try the article writing services. They are Internet-based companies and they provide you with the most appropriate content for your website.

There are many advantages of using these article services over a single article writer. The first advantage is probably you will not have to explain all the details of your article to the service providers. You just have to give the overview of what you want in your article and they will provide you with a thoroughly researched article.

The second benefit is that an article writer is only one person but the article writing services are huge firms with 100s or probably 1000s of writers who are professionally skilled in many fields. They will prove their proficiency on every topic you will give whereas the article writer will not be very mush skilled. You cannot ask an article writer who is professionally skilled in medical to write an article on computer sciences. Of course, you cannot. These huge firms have skilled writers in every field you will want an article for.

Most important thing is time! Just imagine that you have to write an article within 24 hours. Most probably, your article writer will not write a very good article on such a short notice. Many articles writing providers will write a professional article within 24 hours and if you want it in 12 hours, many of them will provide you with the article.

The other advantage is that if you want these firms to write the content for your website they will easily do this. They know what to write in the content of the website because they themselves are internet based websites. They will make it as much SEO friendly as possible and they will make sure that the content is not plagiarised. They will surely check mistakes and will provide you with a perfect content without any grammatical mistake or any other mistake.

There are many advantages of using an article service provider over an article writer. You save time, money and you will not have to worry about your article because the service providers make sure that they satisfy their customers. So be sure to take full advantage of these article writing services!

12 May 2017
Ecommerce Web Design Company in Bangladesh

The ecommerce explosion has led to stiff competition in the online market. And with the emergence of so a lot of web-based players, it is vital that you provide the best possible brand knowledge to all your customers and prospects. And the worldwide adoption of smartphones and the commonness of social media in everyday lives reinforces require to be able to provide customers what they desire when they want it. The key to achievement starts from the best ecommerce web design company that you select. So, here is how you should select the right company to grow your ecommerce site.

The Bottom Line

To decide any business choice, you will have to keep in mind your aims and objectives, while also being capable to measure your achievement in achieving them. Either way, you are going to require to promote brand awareness. You can do this simply with the best ecommerce web design company in Bangladesh. When you distinguish what you want, you can choose which company suits your requirement. Professionally capable web design company would be intelligent to supply you with proof of their capabilities. They should be intelligent to give you an outline of what you site will appear like and how it is best matched to your brand.

Know Your Cost

Business constantly revolves around one central aspect, cost. The cost is frequently the contract maker or breaker when it comes to making any business choice, including hiring an ecommerce website organization. And in a world of “you achieve what you paid for”, nothing is extra vital than getting the best contract for the best probable price. What you should be looking for is worth, an ad agency that can defend your costs by giving you a flawless platform. And the best ecommerce web design company will be able to give you what you want, at the price that you desire.

Known Associates and Clients

You have constantly been relaxed with working with someone when you contain friends or family in general. This is because the referral generates a pre-existing link between you and the third party. In a similar way, you should be familiar with the combines of the ecommerce website design company in Bangladesh as it will abolish any air of doubt or distrust. Do business with the best ecommerce web design company just if they readily provide you references from customers and known associates.

To facilitate you with the best ecommerce web design service, Codage Corporation Ltd. is here with a qualified team. Let them help you with sheer professionalism.