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12 Feb 2018
link building

An indispensable aspect of search engine optimization is link building. Running a link building campaign is essential to get high traffic and top rankings on the search engine. Building links is like collecting votes. So when you have more sites voting for your website the spider considers you a popular and reliable source and ranks you higher. The major benefits related to link building are –

  • Website traffic improvement
  • Higher page rank
  • Strong presence on the internet
  • Beat Competition
  • Gain the trust of the Search Engines

SEO firms employ experienced professionals to plan out a foolproof link building strategy. They create a combination of methods like Directory Submissions, Article Submissions, Blogging, Blog Commenting, Forum Discussions, Social Bookmarking Websites, Press Release and Link Exchange.

Link building does sound like a lucrative process but that does not imply that you go about building links blindly. Try out the following steps to initiate a campaign –

  1. Plan a strategy to have 300 links pointing back at you. Then plan the number of articles you need to write, the number of directories you need to link to and the link exchanges you need to request. This is the time when a lot of research will come in handy. Read up as much as you can about building links. Every bit of information could lead to a new turn. SEO professional regularly update their knowledge and learn about new tricks.
  2. Carefully choose the sites you wish to build links with. Make sure they have similar interests as you and belong to your market.
  3. Directory submissions – Run a search for all the major directories for link submission. The links received from a directory is more valuable than you can imagine. The search spider often crawls over these sites to pick relevant reference for the user query. Ensure you also target the local directories. A search engine optimization firm completely researchers on the possible sites to build links with.
  4. Keywords – While linking our website ensure you include the keywords in the link text that links to your website. Make it a practice to change the links text slightly. This gives the search engine the impression that the link is real and not generated automatically.
  5. Competition check – Regularly check the link building strategy of the competitor. You will most probably get the data for further link building sites through this. Build exchange links with the site. Brief the benefits of exchanging links with your site and also mention the code you want them to use on their website.
  6. Post link building – After you have completed the entire procedure and are still continuing to follow it, review the plan built by you earlier. You will definitely find the scope for improvement. Tweak the plan regularly and try different kinds of link building process. This is normal practice for the SEO professionals at SEO firms.

However important and fruitful the link-building method may be, SEO professionals take a few precautions to avoid damage to the site reputation. The SEO firms are well aware that the vote of every site for your site counts, hence they choose sites with great care. Experts do not build links with illegal sites like gambling, adult sites etc. These sites are negatively ranked by the search engines. Generating backlinks from these sites will not get you any results.

Also see the results generated by link building you may tend to go overboard. This is a negative sway which Search engine optimization firms avoid. This may cause the search engine to consider you as a spammer and heavily penalize you. SEO professionals build links within the allowable limits and do not use any spamming tricks.

12 Feb 2018
Social Media

When I discuss social networking, social media, SEO, SEM and social marketing with small business owners for the first time, many are overwhelmed and confused about what they really are and how they impact their business. They know that they are all important, but not sure why. They know they need to establish an effective social web presence, but not sure how. If you feel similar frustration, let me share a little light on a couple of these subjects.

What is Social Media?

In a nutshell, social media is content designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using social tools such as social networks, business networks, forums, bookmarking, video sharing, etc. Social media are web-based technologies that transform traditional broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It allows you to not just talk to your customer; it allows you to talk with and interact with your customer in a way that was never possible before.

What is Social Marketing?

Social Marketing is the actual marketing strategy and implementation of your efforts to effectively market yourself on the internet utilizing social media and social networks as well as related strategies that utilize SEO “Search Engine Optimization” and SEM “Search Engine Marketing/Monetization.”

Wikipedia describes social media marketing as:

“the act of using social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other collaborative Internet form of media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service. Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.”

Where I believe that most small business owners run into trouble is that they see the action side of social marketing and not the planning side of social marketing. The action side has two primary components:

  1. Create traffic through videos, tweets, or even blog entries that attract attention, link energy and become viral in nature. Traffic and link energy is the element that makes social marketing effective, it replicates a message not through purchase of an ad, but through user to user contact.
  2. Identify and connect with visitors and capture targeted connections, prospects, and customers. Building a base for your brand or company to grow from.

Action for the sake of it is ineffective. Many companies’s implement social media marketing campaigns because they either are told it is important or their competition is doing it. They jump in doing what they see and hear everyone else doing, accomplish nothing and become frustrated by the time and money that they have wasted.

Defining Your Small Business SMS “Social Marketing Strategy”

Before you jump into social marketing head first, you need to establish an effective SMS “Social Marketing Strategy” that will identify

  • What are your internet presence goals and objectives? (Develop a contact list, website monetization, marketing information, brand development)
  • Who is your target connection and customer that you want to attract, identify and capture?
  • What are the most effective social networks and media tools to reach your target and achieve your goals?

You can not be all things to all people. Only after you ask and answer the three questions above can you develop and implement an effective social media marketing campaign that will be successful and achieve your goals. Now you may have multiple plans, using multiple social resources, but the key is to always start with the SMS!

9 Feb 2018
link building

When you have a website, one of the main aims that you have is to attract as much traffic to it as possible. This not only helps you to increase the revenues from your website but also spreads the word about your products and services among the maximum number of your potential customers. However, attracting the visitors to a website involves several well-planned steps. A major part of it is link building, which helps to direct the potential customers from some other site to your own website. There are various ways of building links. Some of the link building strategies have been discussed in this article.

Commenting on Blogs

One of the most popular ways of link building for your website is through blog commenting. There are numerous blogs on the web and many of them are relevant to your product as well. You need to find those blogs and make meaningful comments on them. These blogs provide the option of linking your website address to the comment. This means that if a visitor to this blog finds interest in your comment and hence, clicks on your username, he or she is directed to your website. This helps to increase website traffic a great deal.

Marketing by Posting Articles

Creating and posting articles related to your business and products can come in handy to attract maximum traffic to your website. Unlike the case of commenting on blogs, creating the articles provides you with the freedom of choosing your own topics. Thus, you can write on topics that are completely relevant to your business. In some cases, you can even market your products and services directly in your write up. Moreover, you can hyperlink some important keywords in your article, which are likely to attract maximum attention of the readers. Thus, you can ensure that by clicking on those interesting keywords, the readers will be directly taken to your own website. Thus, the articles, on one hand, will help to spread the word about your business and, on the other, will increase traffic to your website.

Social Book Marking

With the advancement in the field of technology and the emergence of the internet, social bookmarking sites have become the favorite of the business owners looking forward to building the links to their websites. You can create short write-ups about your products and services, hyperlink your website address, and post them on the social bookmarking websites. Thus, when the readers become interested in the write-up and click on the topic, they will be directed to your website.

Implement these link building strategies to ensure your website attracts maximum traffic and take your business to newer heights.

13 Jan 2018

If you have ever wondered how to make money with WordPress, then you have just landed in the right spot. As you know, WP is the most used Content Management System with more than 30,000 plugins and over 600 million downloads for the latest version of this CMS. It is obvious that it is very widespread and has a unique reputation worldwide.

Let’s find out how we can make use of WordPress in order to make a decent income in the long term.

1. Create Your Own WordPress Plugins

If you’re knowledgeable about HTML, PHP and CSS, then you can make your own custom WordPress plugins.

You can imagine that the price of one plugin can reach up to $60 and even more. If you are lucky to get your plugin go viral and sell it like, only, for 1k WP users, you would end up banking $60k. You better be up and ready.

2. Designing And Developing WordPress CMS

Should you be familiar with programming languages such as C++, C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, and AJAX, then you can be a WordPress developer and achieve a substantial financial income easily.

Working in the development of WP is highly required due to the potential of WordPress and its fast growth all around the world. You can even start working in the freelance services marketplace like Fiverr or Freelancer or even launch your own website to promote and sell your WordPress service.

3. Managing The Hosting For WordPress

WordPress, in the end, is just a free publishing software which includes scripts containing files of the WP program. Therefore, those files need a host so as for this CMS to work and function correctly.

WP Content Management System works on the minimum requirements, and you can profit from the hosting management or the production of hosts for WP blogs. Those sites will not use more roughly than 1 gigabyte per month depending on the type of the website and its monthly traffic.

4. Maintenance And Technical Support

This method depends on the second one where which you have to be familiar with the programming languages as well as being an expert in the networks and server systems to solve the customers’ technical problems and difficulties.

You must have a high expertise in the field of networks and management of both shared and private servers as WP fully operates on those hosts.

It is inevitable that customers would often face multiple issues, and your role as an expert would help solve those problems.

Having these skills and experience would, certainly, not only allow you to work in a good company but also make your own business which would return you a considerable passive income.

5. Establishing A Hosted Program As A Service (Pro Method)

It is known by most bloggers and marketers that the use of WP is mainly for managing content and blogging, and this is what it does. However, have you ever thought of altering the code in order to make WordPress a program or script capable of hosting other WordPress blogs?

Yes, it is possible to do that but probably without modifying the WP code and make any script but rather through the use WordPress MultiSite WPMS.

The latter would allow you to create a network of websites on one WordPress installation.

Eventually, these are the 5 ways which would help you really generate satisfying income online.

13 Jan 2018
rank high

Would you need to acquire organic traffic via quality articles? Congratulations you are at the right place. The following guide is made for those who seek website development concerning how to rank high on research engines.

Technically, an internet search engine is described as a program constructed to search files based on an input or phrase. It then shows a list of results associated with a keyword. In simpler terms, search engines give best results based on what you’re searching for.

Why do you want to enhance your search engine rank?

High positions in site engines are extremely important for your internet business. If you would like to get noticed, you need to have on Google’s first page. Ninety percent of net users extract their data from strikes recorded on the fi page. Just five percent click-through another page to learn more. The remaining five percent or less include those having the patience to navigate the next and succeeding pages. Finding out how to rank high on search engines is interchangeable with high organic traffic that’s also equal to greater traffic and readership. Heavy traffic means enormous income.

Getting on Google or even Yahoo’s first page means you need to compete with established businesses which share your keyword phrases. Below are a few methods to rank keywords in Google or any other search engine.

1. Pick the right keywords

It’s necessary to pick the correct keywords since they will influence your searchability. Pick keywords that are shared or phrases which are embedded inside the page. This will encourage internet crawlers to pick them up.

2. Get backlinks

Another way to obtain traffic is via backlinks. You must acquire inbound links just as much as possible. You can accomplish that by submitting articles on popular article directory sites or blog commenting on top ranking sites. Make sure that you use keyword anchor text links or article links to your site using the entire URL.

3. Use META tags properly

Optimize your website by ensuring that each page has a fresh pair of name and keywords. Don’t overstuff your name or initial paragraphs with keywords. Finding out the ways to rank high is equal to preserving quality and superb content.

4. Submit Sites to Search Engines

You may even try submitting your website to search engine for greater optimization if you get a substantial quantity of traffic. This might not affect in case you’ve got a low visitor. This will surely be helpful as soon as you get decent traffic because internet crawlers select sites which are recorded on search engines.

So, guys, I hope you have liked the article. The main thing you should focus on is quality and not the quantity.

13 Jan 2018

Blogging about the latest news, new products, and topics your audience is interested in is the best way to improve the authority of your business, and bring in new qualified leads. If you’re a marketer in charge of your company’s blog, or a writer tasked with coming up with new content ideas and need to get buy-in from management, read on.

Traffic Improvement

Having a 90% conversion rate from your site doesn’t mean much if the only traffic you get is from coworkers. Creating regular content gives your social media team something to work with. Sharing on social media, in newsletters or even a weekly blog subscription gets more eyes on your website. None of this can happen without having something to promote. Well-written content also entices others to link to your site, and drive traffic from referrals.

More traffic means more leads.

SEO Benefits

Not only will your traffic naturally increase due to folks clicking on your headline, but you’ll make Google happy, too. Regular posting results in SEO improvements in several ways. First, with every post comes the opportunity to target long-tail keywords, which helps with just getting your pages onto Google’s radar. Second, the more pages your site has, the more authority you’ll seem to have and this helps drives your placing higher in the search.

Finally, websites that are regularly updated also get the attention of Google, as your content is not static and is therefore timely. Even adding a recent posts module on your homepage will improve your search rankings.

Long-Term Lead Generation

While some posts are going to be timely and meant for current readers, many posts can be updated over time and made for the future. Longer, in-depth posts, or those that roundup articles on the same topic, are perfect for prospects visiting your site later and can continue to generate traffic and good conversions over time.

13 Jan 2018
digital marketing

Do you realize the fact that it isn’t possible to make a promotional digital marketing campaign successful until you utilize multi-channel endeavors that are inspected carefully? If you have your own business or store that you wish to promote online, then it’s important to understand what entices a client lastly helps in building a relationship.

Keeping in mind the end goal to jump forward, an individual should think about analytical tools to plan for the future.

There are mainly three things that every business owner with an online presence needs to concentrate on.

Activity & Actions That Need To Be Taken

Action measurements take a basic approach. The move is made just for a positive result that helps in business development. There’s no need to check how well you have stayed active on the social media front. Instead, consider the number of clicks that result in a purchase or the situations when coupons are being downloaded. While business owners try to sell by utilizing models, these are too complicated to handle and costly for advertising experts as well.

Engagement You Need Make

Each kind of engagement is not quite the same as others. For example, despite the fact that people have performed comparable activities, somebody may demonstrate more enthusiasm by watching a brief video than anyone who likes posts.

Moreover, it’s not worth when a man watches a video without sound. The assignment is uninvolved compared to watching recordings till the end. In any case, since there are no tools available for looking at engagement stages, a controlling guideline is proposed once you coordinate with a website developer.


Observation measurements enable you to make an impact of a message or any sort of content. The impact is measured indirectly through social tuning in, reviews and well-characterized search. The adjustment in the measurements can be reduced through conversions when awareness ascends a bit. If you have extra time for work, at that point you can contact a renowned SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) organization to achieve the desired results.

Here are two tools that you can’t ignore when it comes to digital marketing.

Google Analytics

If you have to monitor the performance of the website, then Google Analytics is clearly an astounding weapon. An entrepreneur can measure advertising ROI and track Flash across social networking platforms. Actually, you can see data related to the site.


Another valuable tool for website optimisation is the Webmaster. Such a sort of tool offers insights that connect with content, indexing status, and how the site should look according to the impression of visitors. Apart from that, the expert can likewise see major technical errors on the site. In general, the reports enable you to make and execute the best digital marketing steps.

24 Dec 2017
lead generation

Let’s put it out straight to you! There is no hidden recipe for success. For some organizations, outbound lead generation works best, while for others, an inbound lead generation techniques are the source of leads.

In the context of the same, let’s focus on four inbound lead generation strategies that will help you get surprising results in less time. All set to begin? Let’s go!

1. Live Chat

Live Chat has emerged as a fantastic inbound lead generation tool. It lets your visitors get in touch with your support. Since a majority of people (not only Millennials) don’t like making a phone call, Live Chat is a handy tool for them to get various information that they seek. So, how does a Live Chat individual convert into a lead? Many studies have found that people indulging in chatting are three times more likely to convert when compared to those who did not!

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing does not necessarily mean only blogging! Yes, it’s much more than that, and it could also include other resources such as eBooks, knowledge bases or reports and podcasts.

You can use all these elements of content marketing to give value to your website visitors, make them aware of the brand and may lure them with a deal! When it comes to lead generation numbers of content marketing, it is huge! However, content marketing also aids in creating loyalty, trust, and credibility and of course the brand awareness.

3. Social Media Platforms

Another essential inbound lead generation technique that will generate huge leads is the correct usage of the social media platforms. Yes, you should know that social media is an amazing customer service idea/tool from one aspect and the builder of the credibility from other.

When you engage over social media platforms, it lets your business build a bond with the audience, influencers and also generate valid interests in your business. It also helps potential customers who put their inquiries on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. However, to extract a great deal of inbound lead generation from social media, you will need to treat it seriously and be active in it 24/7. You just can’t expect to garner leads if you are active for 1-2 hours in a day because that’s not going to help!

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been, is and will continue to be a splendid method to engage and keep in touch with your potential end-users even if they won’t purchase a product.

Yes, if your email newsletters continue to give them benefits in terms of knowledge and promotions, they will stay put with you despite not purchasing any product presently. They may come back later to buy your product in the future. They will continue to remember your brand as long as you keep sending them meaningful emailers.

Always remember that newsletters are not only a vital way to connect with new customers but even keep in touch with your existing customers who can again buy from you!

It is always better to have a massive database of customers (yes, it will take time to build) and send them emails on a weekly or a basis which you decide. By doing so, you have more chances to convert more customers into leads. Got the idea about the inbound lead generation techniques that you can put into action? Go and start implementing them in your ‘scheme of things’!

When you incorporate them correctly, these inbound lead generation strategies will help you get extract relevant leads to growing your businesses!

24 Dec 2017
on-page seo

Search Engine Optimization is the requirement of an online business as most of the businesses want their websites to rank on the top pages of the search engines. The idea is to focus on an SEO strategy that boosts the ranking of a website. Hence, if someone initiates an online search by entering a keyword in the search bar, s/he is assayed with an extensive list of websites to halt. Possibly, your site can also make room for itself on the list, if your On-Page SEO strategy is foolproof.

Tricks for Better On-Page SEO

The need for On-Page SEO gets intense for a website to flourish. On-Page SEO is a strategy that is applied to a site for enhancing its search ranking and also for attracting more visitors. The main aim of the article is to highlight on the specific on-page tricks that can add value to your website by boosting its organic ranking.

Page Title

The page title plays a significant role in the growth of a website. It is important for a page to have a unique title along with the inclusion of the main keyword in it. For example – If your article relates to On-Page SEO and your keyword is also the same, it becomes necessary to add the keyword to the title of the page. Just take a look at the title of this page. Here the main keyword is on-page SEO that is present in it. Hence, including the main keyword is the essence to optimizing the website.

Meta Title

Meta title tag is an HTML tag specifying the page’s title. Meta title and Page title are usually the same. Though Page title can be a bit long, Meta title cannot be longer than 60-70 characters. It targets the main keyword of the website and can be different from the page’s title.

Meta Tag

Indeed! The meta tag of a site is its bottom line. Relevant keywords must be used throughout the content in the form of meta-tags. Keywords are used in a way to describe the substance of the page for the search engines to index the website.

Meta Description

Meta description includes the short description of the matter in the page that must contain the main keyword. According to Google’s guideline, the description should not be more than 160-170 characters.


It is important to make use of relevant keywords in the body of content. Keywords should be well-researched, and even the density must not exceed 1%-2% for avoiding stuffing of the same. Google seek for content that sounds natural and must be of high-quality. Hence, forced keyword in the body degrades the reading experience affecting the site’s ranking negatively.


Again focus on designing a short URL that is descriptive, effective and compelling.

Apparently, an efficient on-page strategy is a key to the success of the online business.

24 Dec 2017

If you are new to Internet marketing or you are planning a website for the first time, you are probably a bit confused over the best way to design your site and I would suggest that you to stay away from complex HTML, Dreamweaver or Kompozer and instead look at the following five reasons why I believe WordPress is ideal for new Internet marketers.

  1. Content can easily be updated without any prior knowledge of HTML; you will no longer have to get a webmaster to do this for you as you will be able to do it yourself at the touch of a button.
  2. WordPress provides good search engine optimization but you can improve on the basic version by installing a good SEO plug-in.
  3. There is a thriving community of developers who are constantly making and improving WordPress plugins and themes.
  4. If you are having problems or you want to add some custom features you’ll find that help is never far away, there are so many people writing about WordPress that a Google search will put you in touch with all the help and support you need.
  5. Installing media files such as free reports, pictures and videos can be done with the simple upload option and you can soon start to build a media library that you will be able to access time and time again.

WordPress can be installed using hosting sites like Go Daddy, Hostgator or 1and1 that have access to a C-Panel, you will be able to add it using the Fantastico Auto installer tool with just a few clicks. If your host does not give you access to a C-Panel then do yourself a favor, either change to one that does or performs a manual installation by doing a Google search.

WordPress has an interface that most people can learn to use with ease, you will be able to make pages and posts that can then be organized to enhance your user’s experience. Writing content couldn’t be easier using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) toolbar, a familiar sight if you’ve ever used a word document and you can change and correct your work as much as you like, if you are new to all of this then the chances are you will be doing a lot of alterations. A good habit that you will want to get into is to remember to keep saving your work, do it often preferably after each tweak then if something isn’t right it will be far easier to find out what went wrong.

You will soon learn how to install a WordPress theme, how to arrange the best layout for your site and how to manage comments, learn how to install and activate your plugins, some good ones to consider could be an SEO optimizer like we talked about earlier, a social media plug-in, and most importantly a backup plugin, there are a great many more for you to choose from just don’t go overboard. Protect your blog from spam and learn how to optimize your pages with tags, titles, and keywords.

When designing your blog don’t forget to link pages to one another and remember each post is like a new page to Google so be sure to create new ones as often as you can, fill your pages with good quality data and use your posts to add useful and interesting information.

When starting out in the world of Internet marketing there are just so many things you need to know and it can feel overwhelming, my advice is to take it slowly and bear in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day but taking action consistently will bring the rewards you are working for.