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11 Dec 2017
IT Help

With such a large number of PC systems in the contemporary world, and it has become too difficult to avoid issues that arise while using computer systems for work. Regardless of whether this means innovation, computer repair is something that we can’t ignore. Fortunately, PC repair services are easily available, but it’s all about choosing the best one.

You’ll discover many service providers who offer IT Help at affordable prices, but you must choose the ones that offer top-notch results as well.

You Can Try To Fix The Issues On Your Own

Most residents don’t consider trying to repair the PC on their own. The pressure or stress of losing data or your non-functioning PC can undoubtedly make you too angry to discover a solution quickly. However, quite often the easiest to resolve PC issues are the most common ones. Thus, it is really a smart idea to examine any troubles that you’re having with your PC so you can repair them easily on your own.

Hiring Professional IT Help

In case, you’ve drained every single available option for you, and you figure out that you may require some additional assistance to tackle a PC issue, at that point hiring an expert for IT Help may offer the right assistance. Expert guidance is available in various structures, but it can be divided into two noteworthy parts: PC repair shops, and calling a professional in your place.

A lot of people visit a computer repair shop. These are often situated in a local spot near their house. PC repair shops have the ability to resolve various PC issues, and can be trusted with your PC. However, it’s a bit of a hassle to take your PC to a repair shop.

On the other hand, hiring professional for IT Support is one of the most convenient ways to get your computer repaired in no time.

A technician comes to your home or workplace to take care of the issue. Such services may be somewhat more costly than going specifically to a PC repair shop, but, it is considered a lot easier and empowers you to accomplish more tasks while your PC is being repaired.

With on-call IT Support, it is reasonable to say that individuals who have a busy or hectic life will most likely choose to have PC issues resolved at home or office by professional technicians.

However, it’s advisable that you should call a professional for IT Help when you have time. That’s because you never know how big the problem is or how much time will it take for the professional to resolve the issues on your computer.

11 Dec 2017
SEO audits

SEO audits are not an oft-discussed subject but that doesn’t really mean that it’s less-practiced as well. However, if you didn’t have an idea prior to reading this post, let us tell you that SEO audit is a standard practice for websites. Those who are serious about their online marketing endeavors do invest in frequent audits. If you’re looking forward to making the most of your online SEO campaigns make sure you’re investing due time for these audits as well.

The Importance of SEO Audits

A credentialed SEO Company hired by you will definitely ask you to act in accordance. Kindly do not commit the mistake of avoiding this bit completely. Read on to find out about the fundamentals of the same.

Let us clarify from the very beginning that an SEO audit is not quite like a traditional audit. The latter is performed only for marketing purposes- a properly executed audit – right at the onset- would mean that you are that you have better knowledge about the performance of your website – its overall performance and the performance of the individual pages. Improved search engine rankings, needless to say, make for the only purpose behind these audits. They are performed before the beginning of a project and at the beginning of a fresh quarter.

No Overdoing it

Though it is important to invest time for these audits on a regular basis, experts clearly warn us against overdoing it – especially if it’s a small website that we are dealing with. Technical analysis, on page analysis, off page analysis and competitive (keyword) analysis are the vital parts of audits. Sites can be improved with well-placed audits. You are in a position to analyze a particular site from different angles – all with that one goal of realizing avenues of improvement. Here is a more detailed look.

Technical analysis entails checking whether the website is working properly or not. Accessibility and indexability are the cornerstones of SEO audits. Accessibility very simply refers to the search engines’ and the users’ ability to access your site. If your content cannot be accessed by others then there is no point of creating a website in the first place. A few attributes that you need to check without fail are:

  • Robot.txt files
  • Robots meta tags
  • XML sitemaps
  • Website speed
  • Redirects
  • Mobile responsiveness

Indexability is treated with paramount importance by search engines since it determines the visibility of your content. Once you have fixed your accessibility issues you’re ready to go on with the indexability bit.

On page analysis includes identifying conflicting blog topics – those that have nothing to do with the website itself, duplicate content, the attempt to rank same keywords on different pages, placement of proper URLs among others.

Not a lengthy process!

Do you think that SEO auditing necessarily has to be an arduous process? Not really! There are a few SEO auditing tools that can be explored to get the job done faster.

11 Dec 2017

E-newsletters are fantastic for keeping your customers up-to-date with special offers and new developments. They land directly in your customers’ inboxes and can be personalized too. Best of all newsletters enable you to find out more about your customers because there are tools that allow you to see who has opened and forwarded your email, and what they’ve clicked on. A great newsletter will help to establish your brand and build a loyal following. Here’s how to do it:

What’s in it for me?

That’s the question your readers will be asking. A good newsletter provides quality content that gives advice or information readers can use. Make-up ideas, recipes, gardening advice – whatever is relevant to your brand. Aim to send three articles like this for everyone sales piece.

Do you know your audience?

Is your typical reader going to be scanning your newsletter on the train or reading at leisure from the comfort of their sofa? If you know this, you know how much detailed information to include.

How enticing is the title?

It’s vital that the subject line is intriguing as well as recognizable to readers. Will a short, sharp line be effective or will your readers respond better to a lengthy, detailed subject line? Think about which keywords are most likely to entice your readers by using a split-testing method. For keyword ideas Google Econsultancy’s 152 Killer Keywords.

Will you show consideration or pay the price?

Before someone signs up for your newsletter tell them exactly how their data will be used and how often the newsletter is produced. Give them a chance to customize how often they receive your newsletter so that it is always welcome and never a nuisance. If they can customise they are less likely to unsubscribe.

Have you evoked the senses?

Use images, animation, and video to grab your readers’ attention, motivating them to read on.

What do you want your readers to do?

Your newsletter needs a clear ‘call to action’ which stands out. Do you want your readers to ‘shop now’ or ‘read more’? Think about the wording, color and position of your call to action. What will work best?

Ultimately, consideration for your audience is what makes a good newsletter a great newsletter.

11 Dec 2017
Social media marketing

Business marketing has been changed dramatically with the use of social media sites. New markets are accessible which can be a huge benefit to any business, and today there are ways to use social media marketing more efficiently than ever before.

Here are 7 laws which can help your business develop a more effective social media marketing campaign and presence.

1. Quality Before Quantity

Social media marketing today needs to be helpful, useful and provide more than your competitors. Get a competitive edge by investing more time developing valuable content that you can share with your followers. Great content wins clicks, comments shares, and likes.

2. Focus

Obscure and unfocused content doesn’t help anybody. Keep within your niche. If you post about anything, it will clutter your message, and turn off people who come to your profile with a specific intent.

3. Connect With Key Influencers

Identify the key people or organizations in your niche. They have the audience you’re trying to reach so when you comment and post on their pages, you’re target audience will see you too. One of the best uses for any social network to hook up and interact with other businesses in your niche. Don’t be reluctant to promote others, the rewards can be considerable.

4. Be Available

It’s pointless posting content onto your pages and not allowing people to interact with you following the post. When you interact with your audience it gives you a further chance to showcase your business and become a top resource in your niche.

5. Pick Your Social Media Sites Carefully

Not every market will use the same sorts of social media. To be successful, you need to choose the sites which are used most by the people that you want to target. For instance, Snapchat is used by young people while all ages are on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Don’t Forget Your Followers Are People

It’s easy to forget there is a regular human being behind each click post, like or comment. Designing your content for these people will make them feel appreciated and included. This is what will boost sales for your business.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Your competitors are on social media and you can simply see what they are up to by reading their posts. This will help to keep you updated on the most current trends and innovations and so you can react appropriately. It also helps you to steer clear of duplication and allows you to set your posts apart from others.

An effective way to generate leads, build your email list, get more prospects and sell your products and services on social media is to have a Facebook Group. However, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Doing it the wrong way can lead to lasting damage to your brand. On the flip side, when you do it the right way it will bring many benefits.

25 Nov 2017

Being a small or medium-sized business if you are promoting your brand on Twitter, then ensure that you are not doing any of the following mistakes and if you have done already, then try to make it correct as early as possible.

Leaving your bio unfilled

How will anybody know about you or your business if you don’t fill your bio? You must put some basic info about your business to attract the followers. Alongside the bio, ensure that you have a good profile image, background, and a cover image. These small things are responsible for changing the complete look of your Twitter profile. Just be precise and crisp while writing your bio as filling your bio doesn’t mean writing a complete essay.

Not following back

If you are not a very big brand or a celebrity, then ensure you follow back some of your crucial followers. Often when you don’t follow some of your essential followers, then you come across as an individual who doesn’t follow back and is very elite. This can affect the image of your company or brand.

Pushing FB updates in Twitter feed directly

Have you synced your FB page with your Twitter profile? However, always keep in mind that your FB audience is very much different than your Twitter followers. Some posts which work brilliantly on FB, they don’t generate a good response on Twitter and that is why the people’ mindset on both the platforms is not same. Design your content in a different way for the different audience. Additionally, your complete posts are not viewable and there is no assurance that your follower will click on the link for reading more when you sync your FB page to Twitter.

Retweeting too much

Retweeting every tweet which you go through is not at all a good idea; it makes your followers bored, makes your profile cluttered and thus your followers decide to unfollow you. Often you retweet things only as you don’t have anything new for posting. However, that must not be the case. Retweet the things only which you think to impact your business in some better way.

Ignoring Hashtags

Hashtags help the companies for tracking their own performance. If you are having a new item or a contest, then you can make some rare hashtag for it so that you can track its response and retweet or reply the tweets accordingly. Additionally, via hashtags you can keep yourself updated with the trending news and can make some plan around it possibly.

Not tracking results

If one is not tracking the results of his/her Twitter campaigns, then he/she is making the major mistake. The only method for knowing whether your effort has paid off or not is by tracking your campaigns’ response. You should always know that growth rate and engagement level in the number of your followers, click on your tweets and more. Utilize Google Analytics for tracking the results and for measuring traffic on your site via Twitter. Additionally, you can go through your Twitter functionality by utilizing Twitter Analytics as well.

25 Nov 2017
Traffic Exchange

As you all know, there are many ways and programs that help you promote your blogs and websites to the world, some are paid and the rest are FREE with some requirements. These programs are called traffic exchange program and it has become popular now while many famous blogs. More traffic, more visitors mean more money, so this is no reason for any bloggers to miss these opportunities.

As usual, you have to pay so much money through Google AdWord, AdBrite, ClickSor…and many other advertising networks to promote your blog through their publisher community and of course, your pocket is not always full of money to cover this cost, therefore, the free traffic exchange programs are the best options now.

1. BlogRush

BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve their #1 need: More Readers For Their Blog.

By adding the BlogRush Widget to a blog, a blogger can get instant distribution for their latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs.

BlogRush users earn “syndication credits” (the right to have their blog post titles shown inside a widget on another related blog) based on their own traffic (loads of the widget) as well as the traffic exchange of other users they refer to BlogRush. Users can automatically refer others to BlogRush via special links on the widget, as well as through the promotion of a special referral URL they are given.

To my experiences, this program now is not bringing so much traffic to my blogs anymore while my blogs are sending them a lot a day. Hope it will be improved soon.

2. EntreCard – The Entry Card to Blog

Entrecard is the first and only free exchange network for 125×125 ads. Through this revolutionary platform, you can advertise your own 125×125 Entrecard on any blog in the network, for free, for a number of days.

You pay for this advertising with Entrecard Credits, that you earn for free by networking (a.k.a. visiting blogs and dropping your card for other bloggers).

This is a great network that exchanges 125×125 ads among bloggers and I have received a huge number of visitors from the network. But most of them are “bouncing drops” but I do hope that the “commuter” will come sooner and I will really get quality traffic exchange. Let’s hope!

3. Spottt – Free Link Exchange

Spottt makes free advertising available to everyone on the Internet. And, Spottt is a free service from the people at AdBrite.

The concept is simple: by joining, members agree to display ads for other members. It’s automated and uses a small snippet of HTML inserted into any web page. The number of free advertising members receives is directly proportional to the amount they give to others.

I must say, it is quite similar to the EntreCard idea but it is a brand new service while EntreCard is well known among bloggers.

4. AdsFlip – Free Advertising Network

AdsFlip is the latest easiest and fastest way to market your website. Newly launched in 2008, one of AdsFlips main target is to help users promote their website and allow users to publish their adverts across our AdsFlip network for absolutely free.

AdsFlip is an advert sharing network where users can register an account for free and share their adverts across websites on the network. The adverts are displayed as text or image in a banner form. In return, by displaying adverts on other websites, the user accepts and advertises other banners from the network on his website.

What is different between AdsFlip and EntreCard and Spottt is the various options of banner size. You can only use 125×125 for above programs but there are more options with AdsFlip to fit well your blog in different positions such as 125×125, 160×600, 468×60….

5. AdgridWork – A Free Online Advertising Network

Adgridwork was conceived back in November 2006, after Adgridwork realized that there was no simple, free and effective way of quickly promoting a website. At the time, advertising options were limited to paying for banner ads or text links, using a contextual service (like AdSense), or manually contacting and trading links with other webmasters. Thus, Adgridwork was born to create a free, open advertising network and allow bloggers, small businesses, and other website owners to submit their ads to our ad network. In exchange for serving their ads on thousands of highly targeted and related sites, the network would require that they, in turn, serve ads for other users. The end result would be a giant community of websites that would all help one another promote and market their products, ideas, and service for free!

It is a bit different from other free online advertising network is that it can only provide text links, not banner like other programs but in a various size you can put in any places of your blog.

They are five recommended free traffic exchange programs that you can use right away to promote your blogs to the world. It costs nothing at all and your traffic will be exploded in the near future too.

4 Nov 2017

The digital marketing world is undergoing tumultuous changes and every marketer is seeking their way on trying new technologies. Within this scenario, the podcast shows the sign of resurgence. It has become a buzz word in the techie world, which the top social media marketing companies are employing to achieve success with their campaigns.

Are you thinking to create a podcast for your business, but don’t know where to start from and how to achieve success with it? Then, this article is just perfect for you.

What is Podcasting and why you need it?

Podcasting is a digital content medium, that’s usually in the form of audio or digital radio. Unlike any other social platform, it allows you to consistently deliver high-quality, relevant and targeted content to a massive audience. Moreover, you can personally connect with your audience on a one-on-one level.

But, to maximize its potential in your favor, you need to plan a strategy. It’s like a professional media outlet, which usually the professionals make, but if you are trying to make an amateur effort, then you’ll need to do it correctly.

Here are 4 steps you must follow to be on the right path to podcasting success:

1. Determine the Podcasting Frequency

As podcasts consist of an episodic series, so before anything else, it’s essential to decide on its frequency. Just like any other content medium – TV show, blog, etc. it’s equally important to create its schedule and stick to it. Nothing can be more frustrating for a podcast audience, then bearing an erratic podcasting schedule. So, stay consistent and inform your audience about the schedule, for their easiness. As a newbie, you can start as bi-weekly and as time progresses, you can try weekly to multiple times in a week. But, don’t forget your ultimate goal of keeping your audience engaged.

2. Make a Decision on Its Format

Deciding on whether you want to make an audio or video podcast is quite daunting, which most of you must have experienced. Simply speaking, the format doesn’t matter; it’s the quality that has all the value. So, do what you are good in and can perform in the best way. If you are not good on camera, don’t have a great place to shoot and your content is longer, then go for the audio podcast.

Even, if you are not good on a mic, then scrutinize the choice, depending upon the entertaining level your podcast will provide. Moreover, look out for what your competitors or similar niche people are doing and which format they are using. This information will surely help you in taking the right decision.

3. Decide on its Length

Determining the optimum length of the podcast is a tricky beast, which can only be done through trying and testing on what works and what doesn’t. The optimum length is 12-15 minutes if you are a sole host. Even if you are covering many interviews in one, then even try keeping it short and informative. And always stop before you feel that you have exhausted the topic. While in the case of co-host podcasts, 15 minutes still remain an optimum length to keep the audience interested.

Although, there are various popular podcasts as long as 45-60 minutes like Internet Marketing for Smart People by Copyblogger (Robert Bruce). Thus, what’s important here is the experience of the podcaster and the type of content. If you are really confident over the mic and have interesting content to keep audience engaged, then you can work on a longer format. But, if you are a newbie, then do it cautiously. Moreover, if you have the power to make a crappy content interesting, then going longer will help you in providing more knowledge to your audiences. But, if it’s not the case, then keep it short to guide your audiences to its conclusion. Obviously, it’s not wrong to experiment here until you get it right.

4. Focus on Production Quality

This is one point that most of the podcasters don’t stress upon, whilst it’s valuable for its success. It can either build or break your audience. So, focus on how your podcast sounds, how its segments – sound and audio quality is. You can overcome it by using a good-quality microphone and an HD camcorder. If you look fussy or your audience can’t hear you properly, then your podcast will be of no value.

4 Nov 2017
PHP MySQL Development

In order to meet the high preset standards of competition, a website must be well developed and well designed… because let’s face it, online sales and businesses can rocket only by power packed websites! The fusion of PHP website development along with MySQL has materialized an easy and powerful way to create dynamic web pages. PHP development and MySQL development, as a combination, help develop well formatted – interactive web pages. They also allow end users to make Boolean choices, calculate and carry out various such tasks. The only drawback they come with is that to develop such exceptionally operational websites using the combination of PHP website development and MySQL requires a skilled and experienced developer!

Some of the noteworthy features of PHP MySQL development include:

  • Compatibility with all operating systems
  • Runs smoothly on Apache and IIS
  • Multi-lingual, multi-browser support
  • Multiple database support
  • Maintains content and designing part separately

PHP MySQL Development

Both, PHP as well as MySQL are open source software and thus are free for installation and use. It is a widely known fact that PHP is considered to be among a developer’s preferred languages to generate dynamic and interactive web pages. MySQL, on the other hand, is a highly popular database management program which is mostly used with the combination of PHP. MySQL is an excellent RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), which supports flat files too for database integration allowing easy modification in the database.

PHP and MySQL are free to use and thus anyone can access the source code without infringement of a copyright issue. This source code can also be customized as per your requirements for use, reuse or even distribution! Using PHP MySQL development lowers your project expenses drastically.

PHP with MySQL is compatible with all operating systems and therefore they are what we call ‘cross-platform compatible’. PHP MySQL development has a fast and easy development environment. It is also used globally, all around the world, due to its multi-lingual support. The best examples of the PHP MySQL development combination are social networking giant Facebook and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia!

Some major advantages of PHP MYSQL development are:

  • PHP and MySQL are ideal for web programming
  • Their combination offers high performance
  • They feature native support for most popular databases
  • They can be used to create high – performance, interactive and dynamic web pages
  • Surprisingly, for all the power they deliver, they are lightweight
  • Everything is 100% remotely configurable

We have highly experienced and dedicated team for PHP MYSQL development. Codage Corporation Ltd. offers you unique and extensive services in PHP programming, up-gradation, and maintenance for your websites.

22 Oct 2017
Web Hosting

Today is the era of online business via the internet. If you are looking for a stable position in your industry, create a website to represent your products and skills. To accomplish a successful website, you have to look into many things, and one of the most important parts is web hosting. Hosting plays an important role in any online business.

In past web hosting service was not under the reach of public because of the high cost. Nowadays website hosting is very easy and affordable, you can have a website spending couple of dollars only. It is easy to have personal or business website to earn and learn altogether.

There are many web hosts that offer free services. Most of the free hosting provider is not reliable for any business website. So a big “NO” to free hosts.

Cost is a major factor in the success of any business

Cheap web hosting can boost your business with affordable price plans and performance. There are many good web hosts out there providing first class services at a very reasonable price. But before going to any cheap web host, check out features, costs, and repute of the company. Search for good and bad reviews on Google, If there are no bad reviews, or good reviews outnumber the bad ones Than feel free to sign up.

Do’s and Don’ts of cheap web hosting

Some important factors to consider in any web hosting are Cpanel, bandwidth, disk space and customer support.

  • Don’t go to a host with limited features.
  • Don’t compromise on the quality of service.
  • Don’t accept a free domain that is not registered to your name.
  • Don’t buy the domain and hosting from the same provider, avoid putting all eggs in one basket.
  • Don’t go for dirt cheap price i.e. $1 or one cent per month.

Website Backup

Most hosts provide you daily backup in Cpanel. Download the backup and save it regularly. Don’t ignore the importance of backup, it is a guarantee for your online presence. Do not rely on web hosting backups only, have a backup and if possible, backup of backups.

22 Oct 2017

SEO is known as the best process that helps to increase the rank of a website. It is also a fact that you need a perfectly build website that must be error free. There are many factors that you need to check before starting the SEO process. We all know that SEO is a slow process that takes time to deliver the results. Many people use wrong techniques to promote their websites, but that can be a wrong move because it will lead to penalizing the website. White hat is an ethical process of doing SEO that helps you to get a higher ranking for a quite long time. Here are some great points that you must follow before doing SEO.

Domain Authority

It is the most important factor that you must check before stating the promotion process. The domain authority is the number that determines the success of a website in the search engine result page. Always remember that a domain with high-ranking provides better traffic and better search ranking. There are many tools that help you to check the domain authority so, you can review them easily.

Backlinks Matters

A backlink is mainly a link that connects your website from external sites. The main purpose of doing SEO is to create the good number of backlinks. Many people focus on the quantity, but this can be their biggest mistake that can lead to lower the ranking of their website. It is important to be linked with high PR sites, as it will help you to increase your website on search engines.

A Good Number Of Index Page

Index pages refer to the number of the page that is available on the website. The robot crawls on every page and returns back, this helps to improve the ranking of the given keywords. It is recommended to post the regular articles and blogs on your website and get them crawled by the spider.

These are the most important points that you should consider because SEO will only be going to help you if you do it in a right manner. Besides this, there are many other factors that play an important role in SEO process. It is suggested to analyze the website and check the errors before starting this process, as any kind of error will lead to lower down the ranking of a website. It is strictly recommended to apply white hat to get the long-lasting results.