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4 Nov 2017
PHP MySQL Development

In order to meet the high preset standards of competition, a website must be well developed and well designed… because let’s face it, online sales and businesses can rocket only by power packed websites! The fusion of PHP website development along with MySQL has materialized an easy and powerful way to create dynamic web pages. PHP development and MySQL development, as a combination, help develop well formatted – interactive web pages. They also allow end users to make Boolean choices, calculate and carry out various such tasks. The only drawback they come with is that to develop such exceptionally operational websites using the combination of PHP website development and MySQL requires a skilled and experienced developer!

Some of the noteworthy features of PHP MySQL development include:

  • Compatibility with all operating systems
  • Runs smoothly on Apache and IIS
  • Multi-lingual, multi-browser support
  • Multiple database support
  • Maintains content and designing part separately

PHP MySQL Development

Both, PHP as well as MySQL are open source software and thus are free for installation and use. It is a widely known fact that PHP is considered to be among a developer’s preferred languages to generate dynamic and interactive web pages. MySQL, on the other hand, is a highly popular database management program which is mostly used with the combination of PHP. MySQL is an excellent RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), which supports flat files too for database integration allowing easy modification in the database.

PHP and MySQL are free to use and thus anyone can access the source code without infringement of a copyright issue. This source code can also be customized as per your requirements for use, reuse or even distribution! Using PHP MySQL development lowers your project expenses drastically.

PHP with MySQL is compatible with all operating systems and therefore they are what we call ‘cross-platform compatible’. PHP MySQL development has a fast and easy development environment. It is also used globally, all around the world, due to its multi-lingual support. The best examples of the PHP MySQL development combination are social networking giant Facebook and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia!

Some major advantages of PHP MYSQL development are:

  • PHP and MySQL are ideal for web programming
  • Their combination offers high performance
  • They feature native support for most popular databases
  • They can be used to create high – performance, interactive and dynamic web pages
  • Surprisingly, for all the power they deliver, they are lightweight
  • Everything is 100% remotely configurable

We have highly experienced and dedicated team for PHP MYSQL development. Codage Corporation Ltd. offers you unique and extensive services in PHP programming, up-gradation, and maintenance for your websites.

22 Oct 2017
Web Hosting

Today is the era of online business via the internet. If you are looking for a stable position in your industry, create a website to represent your products and skills. To accomplish a successful website, you have to look into many things, and one of the most important parts is web hosting. Hosting plays an important role in any online business.

In past web hosting service was not under the reach of public because of the high cost. Nowadays website hosting is very easy and affordable, you can have a website spending couple of dollars only. It is easy to have personal or business website to earn and learn altogether.

There are many web hosts that offer free services. Most of the free hosting provider is not reliable for any business website. So a big “NO” to free hosts.

Cost is a major factor in the success of any business

Cheap web hosting can boost your business with affordable price plans and performance. There are many good web hosts out there providing first class services at a very reasonable price. But before going to any cheap web host, check out features, costs, and repute of the company. Search for good and bad reviews on Google, If there are no bad reviews, or good reviews outnumber the bad ones Than feel free to sign up.

Do’s and Don’ts of cheap web hosting

Some important factors to consider in any web hosting are Cpanel, bandwidth, disk space and customer support.

  • Don’t go to a host with limited features.
  • Don’t compromise on the quality of service.
  • Don’t accept a free domain that is not registered to your name.
  • Don’t buy the domain and hosting from the same provider, avoid putting all eggs in one basket.
  • Don’t go for dirt cheap price i.e. $1 or one cent per month.

Website Backup

Most hosts provide you daily backup in Cpanel. Download the backup and save it regularly. Don’t ignore the importance of backup, it is a guarantee for your online presence. Do not rely on web hosting backups only, have a backup and if possible, backup of backups.

22 Oct 2017

SEO is known as the best process that helps to increase the rank of a website. It is also a fact that you need a perfectly build website that must be error free. There are many factors that you need to check before starting the SEO process. We all know that SEO is a slow process that takes time to deliver the results. Many people use wrong techniques to promote their websites, but that can be a wrong move because it will lead to penalizing the website. White hat is an ethical process of doing SEO that helps you to get a higher ranking for a quite long time. Here are some great points that you must follow before doing SEO.

Domain Authority

It is the most important factor that you must check before stating the promotion process. The domain authority is the number that determines the success of a website in the search engine result page. Always remember that a domain with high-ranking provides better traffic and better search ranking. There are many tools that help you to check the domain authority so, you can review them easily.

Backlinks Matters

A backlink is mainly a link that connects your website from external sites. The main purpose of doing SEO is to create the good number of backlinks. Many people focus on the quantity, but this can be their biggest mistake that can lead to lower the ranking of their website. It is important to be linked with high PR sites, as it will help you to increase your website on search engines.

A Good Number Of Index Page

Index pages refer to the number of the page that is available on the website. The robot crawls on every page and returns back, this helps to improve the ranking of the given keywords. It is recommended to post the regular articles and blogs on your website and get them crawled by the spider.

These are the most important points that you should consider because SEO will only be going to help you if you do it in a right manner. Besides this, there are many other factors that play an important role in SEO process. It is suggested to analyze the website and check the errors before starting this process, as any kind of error will lead to lower down the ranking of a website. It is strictly recommended to apply white hat to get the long-lasting results.

13 Oct 2017
google play

With a galore of highly intuitive mobile apps available on Google Play, it becomes difficult to optimise your app and fetch a steady number of downloads. To make your app successful, it is essential to research well and come up with a unique strategy for presenting your app as more performing and better than the rest.

Adhering this fact, here are some of the most productive optimisation tips for boosting the visibility of your app on Google Play.

Research and Place Targeted Keywords in the Description and Name

Keyword research has always been an important part of a process which, includes any optimisation strategy meant for a search algorithm. Try to use the set of keywords which, are relevant to the app. Moreover, try to pick a set of keywords which, enjoy the highest Traffic Scores and support the changes to gain a high rank as well.

google play

Boost the Visual Appeal of app

While considering the concept of App Store Marketing, using imagery that serves the interest of browsers is a key strategy to work on. You will have to choose the screenshots which, accurately convey the main features of your app. This, in turn, will offer a good reason to users for downloading your app.

Track Your Progress

It is important to check the ranking of your app for the targeted keywords by using different performance measurement metrics. The different types of measurement metrics help in offering clear insight about the effectiveness of the optimisation strategies thereby, allowing users to know their market standing.

Build an Attractive App and Get Good ratings

Build an app which, provides great value to your investment and your app will get optimistic reviews. Getting favorable feedback from users will help in improving the ranking of your app at search result pages of Google Play thereby, helping to drive consumers for making the final decision.

Release Promo Videos

Before buying an app, consumers mostly prefer to see how an app functions. Marketing at Google Play over the Apple Store comes with a huge benefit of including a YouTube clip of the app in action. This serves as a brilliant opportunity for showing customers what the product is, how it works and how it serves as a unique choice and most importantly the reason which, drives people to download it.

A well-built app directs impacts the various performance metrics related to the product. This certainly includes the download growth, number of downloads, installs, number of ratings and usage frequency as well. These facts and figures help in understanding how well the mobile app is performing and whether it requires any type of improvement or not while, optimising it on Google Play.

13 Oct 2017
email list

After going through all the “what is email marketing” stuff the second most important thing is what is “email list”? An email list is a database of information of existing clients or potential clients. These are an inevitable requirement in email marketing to obtain leads for business. Basically, an email list is a compilation of names, email address, contact numbers, demographic location etc of a targeted group. With a good email list you can easily attract your potential customers and aware them about new products, services, sale or any kind of promotional activity currently going on or are going to happen in near future.

Good email lists are very hard to find if you want to purchase it. But good lists can be built with some good strategies and efforts.

Basically, there are two types of Email lists used in mass mailing

  1. Opt-in list or permission based list: – This type of list is best in the business because it will give most effective ROI results. Opt-in means someone gives permission to you to email him about your company, product, services etc on daily, weekly or monthly basis. That is the reason why these lists perform well in email marketing. These types of lists can be built through so many ways like pop-up opt-in form on our blog or website, opt-in box on social Media sites, through online poll or survey etc.
  2. Compiled or purchased list: – In this type of, list data is brought together from many public sources like publishers, sweepstakes, consumer survey data, retailers, etc. This kind of list will not perform a like opt-in list, but if you are looking to send bulk emails, then it is the most suitable kind of list you can afford.

email list

So, now we know what email lists are and how can they be used? The next step is how to make an effective email list?

There are many ways to build a good list. The good ones are described here:

  • Ask your Customers to give permission to email them: Ask your customers over a phone call or personally to give permission to email them. If you a have physical store, ask for email address at point of sale, tell them they will be notified about upcoming discounts or sale via email. If you have an internet based business, your communication with your customer is only through email, send a follow-up mail after a sale or lead. When you have employees, train them well to interact with customers and ask for their email address.
  • Add an Opt-in form at your website or blog: Your email service provider will make it easy for you to do this. Your website is the first place from where your potential customer or existing customer will know about your products, services or any latest information. Use this opportunity to build relation with the customer.
  • Get to the friends of friends: Encourage your existing customers to spread the word about your services or products. Include forward to friend option and share on social media option in your email. Offer incentives, rewards or free gift to your customers on every sign-up of their friends.
  • Use social media: Ask your twitter followers and Facebook fan page followers to sign-up for email alerts of your services.
  • Conduct online poll or survey: Ask views of people about information relevant to your business. Offer free thank you gifts for participating in the surveys and polls, which will delivered to participants email.
  • Participate in networking events and trade shows: Meet with new people at various online or physical networking and trade shows, tell them about your newsletter which will provide the latest information.

By using these tactics, you’ll surely see your list growing. But these are only few ideas to get started building the list. There are plenty of other ideas as well. Get going with your list building process will show you, that there are plenty of people whom you can send your emails.

6 Oct 2017
social media for business

Social Networking is on a growing pace like never before. It is very important to know about it and how to use to target and connect with potential customers across the world. Most of the people in the world completely rely on the internet where they earn their bread with the help of social media.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Any Enterprise

  • Awareness of the Brand

Social media plays a vital role in making people aware of a business or company. Every day, thousands of new visitors join it, which automatically increases your chance to get considered by potential customers. Social is media is all about awareness and consideration. Lead generation is not the purpose of social media.

  • Know the Trend

It provides you insights into the mind of your audience. Recognizing your audience will assist you to discover inventive ways in which you can achieve them via advertising or content. Catering and targeting to the present level can result in multiple conversions.

  • Compete With Your Competitors

With the help of social network monitoring, you can gain key data about your contestant. This type of intel will allow you to form strategic business decisions to stay ahead of them. For example, you can create search streams on Hootsuite to monitor industry keywords and mentions of your competitors’ names and products. Based on your search results, you can enhance your business to offer product enhancements, service, or content that they may be missing.

  • Sharing Content More Effectively

In the past decade, marketers faced the challenge of ensuring their content reached customers in the shortest possible time. With the help of social network, specifically, when it comes to distributing content about your business, all you need to do is share it on your brand’s social networks. This does not only apply to your organic reach on social media but to pay too.

Social ads are an inexpensive way to boost your business and distribute content. They also offer powerful targeting choices so you will reach the right audience. For example, if you run an ad campaign on LinkedIn, you can segment by location, company, job title, gender, and the age-the list goes on. If you’re running a Facebook ad, your target can be based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections. You can track and quantify the performance of your social ads in real time.

  • Get More Sales

If your social media is done correctly it may assist you to increase sales. An audience that is truly concerned about your brand or product will react to sales messaging and convert. Having a social media presence can also permit customers “get to know” your brand, giving you more opportunities to gain their business.

6 Oct 2017
YouTube Marketing

As the popularity of videos surged and they started becoming one of the most important channels of content discovery, YouTube’s significance substantially rose and it became the primary medium for content propagation. As of now, YouTube is the second largest search engine, next only to Google.

Almost around 60 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every single minute and well over 4 billion videos are watched every 24 hours. Since the customers tend to navigate among the various platforms, it only makes sense for business owners to reach out and cater to their customers across all such touch points.

As we all know, YouTube is now a Google product, marketing on YouTube automatically gives the content a massive boost on Google results as well. If you still haven’t moved to video marketing, you ought to hurry up. Add a whole new dimension to your marketing mix and add depth to your marketing campaigns. If you’ve been trying your luck with YouTube marketing for a very long time and still not getting results, you could use the below mentioned actionable strategies to enhance your YouTube marketing efforts,

3 tips to up your YouTube marketing game

Sit back and research

There’s a famous saying that applies really well in the digital marketing realm. ‘Those who fail to plan are planning to fail.’ Now that you’re well aware of the prevalent scenario and your competitors, it’s about time you begin planning how you would go about it. Planning video structures and scripts are one option. You should also curate a list of content buckets. Content buckets are a really efficacious source of educating, entertaining and then direct your viewers to wherever you want them to.

Post unconventional content and arouse curiosity

At most, people can tolerate a dry, monotonous tutorial given that it provides them with the unique information they can’t find elsewhere. That being said, no one is going to watch a dull and dead infomercial. And please make it a point not to mimic famous artists. Alternatively, what you need to do is get out of your immediate product zone and try and get people excited, while positively reflecting on your brand and service.


Almost all the successful YouTube marketers are known to collaborate. There’s nothing better than leveraging the benefits of someone else’s hard work and audience and getting your content shared and viewed by millions. Collaboration is mutually benefitting and a win-win situation for all the marketers involved where everyone gets the best of each other’s group of audience.

29 Sep 2017
data recovery

Backing up data has become a very important part of life since we do not want to lose that which we hold very dear to us. Sometimes you may lose all that data without even expecting it to happen and it can be a very painful kind of experience. It need not be a life and death kind of situation. Regardless of how exactly it happened, you need not worry. There are ways in which all that data can be recovered. When you have a data recovery software, you can actually do it all by yourself.

Choosing the Best Data Recovery Software

There are various data recovery softwares out there designed for this important task and finding the right one is the task that you really have. So as to recover data successfully, you have to do it right by getting appropriate software. Data products have got an algorithm which is common and is important for searching and reconstruction of the data that you have lost. There are some things that will determine the choice that you actually make at the end of the day.

data recovery

You need to consider:

  • The additional functions that you will need so as to recover the data
  • The operating system being used in the data retrieval, i.e., the host operating system
  • The file system to which the files that have been lost belonged to
  • The type of medium used for the storage which was affected by the loss of data.

Because there is an industry that dedicates itself to assist whenever one loses data, it is important to make sure you do things right. Computers are quickly becoming a part of our life and this is where most of our data are, data loss can be caused by viruses as well as operations that aren’t correct. Many software companies have bridged the gap by coming up with the best data recovery software that can be used to get your data back. You may lose data in several ways, such as:

  • System crash
  • Damaged files
  • Virus attacks
  • Accidental deletion
  • Sudden halt of the computer

data recovery


What the data recovery software does is to access the areas of the secondary storage that has been corrupted or failed which are inaccessible in normal circumstances. Data can be recovered from external or internal hard disks, the USB flash, RAID, DVDs, CDs, storage tapes; solid-state drives and so on. The need for recovery can also come about as a result of physical damage to devices used for storage or due to logical damage of the system preventing the possibility of mounting on the host.


The software is usually designed in a way that it recaptures all files written over regardless of whether the sectors have been damaged; you can recover all sorts of data including emails, MS documents, music files and even images.

Usually, the data recovery software will conduct searches within the hard drive and location data that can be recovered. It then works on piecing it back together and then provides it in a format that it can be salvaged. The best data recovery software shouldn’t give you a hard time installing

29 Sep 2017
facebook marketing

In November 2006, Facebook Pages had been launched as an advertising platform. Before its release, internet marketers really bought commercials to promote their services and products. However, thanks to Facebook, net entrepreneurs now have a manner to have a wholly unique opportunity to market products or services. A short description will be presented here about the Facebook marketing and its advantages.

The wonderful factor about Facebook Pages is that it’s far designed to inspire logo loyalty. Once you’ve got a satisfied customer, they may be able to go to repeatedly and turn out to be enthusiasts of your enterprise. In truth, humans visiting can even write what they think about your services or products on your web page’s “wall”.

Facebook Marketing: Overview

You will now be able to build a presence on Facebook for your commercial enterprise in place of just simply developing or posting a quick advertisement. Facebook Pages encourages humans to visit and spread the phrase to inspire different human beings to do the same.

facebook marketing

The individual who owns the enterprise can also be able to inspire interaction to different individuals via posting photos, films or even collaborating in organization discussions. You can also ship updates for your “fanatics” approximately the brand new things that you are presenting. You also can upload one-of-a-kind forms of applications, in an effort to similarly encourage repeated visits and encourage extra humans to join your institution or emerge as partial to your web page.

Facebook Marketing – A New Opportunity

Basically, Facebook encourages word of mouth advertising

The exceptional component about Facebook is that you may do all these things at no cost. From including applications to syndicating blogs via RSS, you’ll see that you may be capable of advertising without cost.

So, aside from being free, what’s so outstanding approximately Facebook?

facebook marketing

With over 1.71 billion energetic subscribers in Facebook and continuing to develop, you may see that it will genuinely be well worth your time to promote it on Facebook. With figures like this, every net marketer knows that this will offer a notable advertising and marketing opportunity.

Also, Facebook will let you interact with other human beings. You can make new friends as well as inspire them to put it on the market for you. With its exceedingly interactive functions, you may see that advertising and marketing may be loads easier in Facebook.

These are the matters which you have to take into account about Facebook. Because it additionally lets you interact with other human beings instead of simply assist you to put it on the market you can ensure that you’ll be capable of getting greater centered visitors in on your website. And with more centered traffic, the more capability your commercial enterprise can have in making more money.

These are the matters which you need to recollect approximately Facebook marketing and advertising. As you may see, it affords a new and particular way of advertising online. Through Facebook, you’ll be capable of getting more humans to buy from you.

What’s More?

Always take into account that you need to create a first-rate profile page in Facebook in order which will entice loads of viewers. Also, you want to add human beings as your pals that allow you to enlarge your community and get more people to visit your Facebook web page.

Remember those guidelines and you could make sure that you may be capable of getting your commercial enterprise to develop. With Facebook marketing and advertising can be plenty less difficult, and greater a laugh to do as well as extra effective. So, the following time you need to put it up for sale the goods or offerings you offer on the net, you may need to enroll in Facebook. Here, marketing is powerful and loose.

22 Sep 2017
email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising for small businesses. In order to be successful on the internet and maximise the benefits of the internet, a small business needs to implement a result driven marketing strategy on the internet. The real benefits of the internet can be realized only if a business is able to use the internet to market its products and services.

Email marketing is one of the most effective and fastest growing marketing channels. One of the first steps in a successful email marketing campaign is to build an email distribution list of potential customers. A business can build an email list from a variety of sources including its website.

Managing a substantially large email marketing campaign will require a well-planned strategy and may involve the services of a professional marketing company. If you do not have a large email list then it can be purchased easily from a direct marketing company that specializes in email list management. A business can also collect email addresses from potential customers via a newsletter registration form on the website.

Following are some 12 email marketing tips for a small business:

  1. Start building an email marketing list of customers

If you do not have an email marketing list you can start building one now. Whether you have a small or a large client base, you can start by first including your existing customers on your email marketing list which you can build upon with time. A small business can start an email marketing campaign from a relatively small list which can expand with time. As new inquiries are received, the list can be expanded. It is a common practice to purchase targeted email list from a professional marketing company.

  2. Email registration on your website

Offering customer with a way to register via your website is probably one of the easiest ways to build your own email list. A registration form can be added to your website with ease. The placement of the email registration feature on your website is important and has an impact t on conversion rates. It should be placed in a prominent place on the website. If your website uses a content management system then most likely the newsletter registration feature will be built in.

  3. Start a Marketing Newsletter

Sending newsletters to your customers is one of the most effective email marketing techniques. You can start a newsletter on a topic related to our industry. The newsletter can be weekly, monthly or even quarterly. A newsletter provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with your customers on regular basis. You can use the newsletter to subsequently market your own products or services.

  4. Improve awareness of your email marketing list

You can take some simple steps to increase the popularity of your email marketing newsletters and growing your email list. Creating a quality marketing email or newsletter requires time and effort so it is best sent out to as many people as possible.

  5. Follow data protection act

It is vital that you respect customer’s privacy and take all steps necessary to protect customer data collected by your email marketing campaigns. You should not share information without prior consent from the customer. Your email marketing list should be opt-in. When customers register their email address they are agreeing to receive marketing emails from you. If you purchase opt-in email marketing lists, you should do so from reliable sources only.

  6. Send quality marketing emails

Nothing can be worse for your branding than sending out a poorly designed marketing email to customers. You should research the content of your marketing email and plan your marketing campaign in advance. The content of the marketing email should be well researched and offer value to customers. It is OK to promote your products and business in your emails but you should try and offer a variety of information. A well-balanced email is more likely to succeed than a purely promotional email. If the email you send is full of self-promotion and does not offer real value then customers are likely to unsubscribe or opt-out from receiving emails in future. Focus on quality over quantity.

  7. Select an appropriate subject for the marketing email

A good subject for the marketing email plays a vital role in deciding how many emails are opened and read by customers. It is important to choose the subject of the email with careful thought and consideration.

  8. Design and Layout

You should plan the structure of the email with care. The layout should be clutter free and easy to read. The design should be clean and minimalist. Use images carefully. Any images used should be optimised for fast loading time. The design should reflect your brand. You should also Include your logo and contact information.

  9. Clean-up your email marketing list from time to time

If you are maintaining your own email list then you should perform basic list maintenance tasks periodically. Any un-subscribed user should be removed from the list immediately. Similarly, all old or not working email addresses should be removed. It is better to categorize your list into different categories so you can pan your emails and send specific information to specific groups. At the same time any new contacts should be added so they are not left out in the next email you send out.

  10. Test your marketing campaigns

Whether you send out regular emails or send then less frequently, it is vital that you test your email marketing campaign properly before you send them out. A spell check should be performed. Any links in the email should be checked to see if they are not broken. A good technique is to send a copy to yourself first.

  11. Measure the performance of your Email Marketing campaigns

It is important to measure the success or failure of your email marketing campaigns. There are many ways to monitor the performance. The ultimate measure of success is the number of inquiries you receive as a direct result of your marketing emails. Statistics related to your campaign can provide a useful insight. The most email marketing software will allow you to monitor deliver rate, response rate, click rate and so on. You can find out how many emails were delivered, how many were opened and even how many links in the email were clicked. You can use this information to judge the effectiveness of each email that is sent and to plan and improvise on future campaigns.