Bulk SMS in Bangladesh

We Offer the Most Reliable Bulk SMS Service & SMS Marketing Services in Bangladesh. We are providing Non Branding & All Operators Branding SMS.
Bulk SMS in Bangladesh

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Bulk SMS is one of the most impactful marketing tactics in recent days and SMS marketing is the utilization of text messaging to interact and communicate with customers.

Non Masking/Branding SMS


0.25 TK/SMS

Quantity: 5,000 +

0.23 TK/SMS

Quantity: 25,000 +

0.21 TK/SMS

Quantity: 1 Lac +

0.20 TK/SMS

Quantity: 5 LAC +

Masking/Branding SMS


0.50 TK/SMS

Quantity: 10,000 +

0.48 TK/SMS

Quantity: 25,000 +

0.45 TK/SMS

Quantity: 50,000 +

0.40 TK/SMS

Quantity: 1 LAC +

Terms and Conditions

  • No Hidden Charge!
  • 100% Advance Payment is Required.
  • A2P bypass SMS (google, yahoo, Facebook, whatsapp, snapchat etc traffic) will not allow through our platform. As a local provider we are allowed only to send only domestics inter operator SMS.
  • For SMS content, all responsibility will goes to client. Codage Corporation Ltd is not responsible for any sms content. 
  • For any kind of objection for content from proper authority, Codage Corporation Ltd can suspend any account.
  • Codage Corporation Ltd shall have the right to take any legal recourse against the client for infringement of agreement and financial and/or reputational loss in addition to its right to terminate the agreement.

Masking/Branding Name

  • Masking / Sender name / Phone no (Character Limit: 11)
  • No Special character except underscore (_) is applicable.
  • Masking approval process takes 3 to 5 working days.
  • Masking Creation Fees are Applicable.
  • If your account expires and if your masking / sender name is idle for consecutive 30 days then system will remove your masking automatically after sending you prior notice.

SMS Text Character Limit

  • English SMS: 1-160 characters- 1 SMS, 161-300 characters- 2 SMS, 301-440 characters- 3 SMS
  • Bangla SMS: 1-69 characters- 1 SMS, 70-133 characters- 2 SMS, 134-200 characters- 3 SMS
  • Maximum 765 characters (5 sms) are allowed in English sms, but in case of Unicode/Bangla the length must be under 335 characters (5 sms)
  • For Bangla sms, please type sms content by Avro Keyboard.

Reports & Notes

  • Real Time SMS Delivery Reports are available in our application.
  • You can ensure your SMS marketing report by visiting our office to check the admin reports or from campaign your response.
  • We do not provide mobile no
  • We do not sale mobile no. We only send sms by using our software and server.
  • We can operate the SMS marketing from anywhere.