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Digital Marketing

25 Mar 2018

At present, every online business owner is aware of the notion- search engine marketing, a cost-effective way to reach a larger segment of the population and that too within a short period. According to the latest research, it is only the people, who are on the verge of their purchasing cycle conduct searches on the internet. If executed properly, SEM can bring forth relevant contents and ads from a website to influence their buying decisions.

Using SEM along with SEO or search engine optimization is even more beneficial because when amalgamated, the strategies could enhance the online presence of a business dramatically, driving huge traffic and increasing conversion rates as well as sales. Even when used discretely, search engine marketing can offer exceptional advantages. Let us take a close look at them.

Why Use Search Engine Marketing?

  • About 90% people use precisely targeted keywords when looking for products and services online. SEM makes sure that the consumers get pertinent contents so that they can stay engaged for prolonged periods.
  • Organizations offering search engine marketing services have repeatedly talked about the flexible as well as configurable nature of an SEM campaign. You can maneuver all the associated policies and customize them as per the requirements of customers.
  • Search Engine Marketing allows business owners analyze all the marketing tactics in details and give them an exact record of accomplishment. SEM has a wide range of performance metrics through which you can optimize the keywords and measure the budget.
  • SEM can bring an increasing number of consumers as well as keep the existing ones. It also effectually contributes to brand exposure. With time, a search engine marketing campaign would set up your business as a credible one in the online landscape.
  • Recently, SEM has become mandatory and any business organization that does not invest in this strategy is bound to get mediocre or disappointing outcomes. If you do wish to stay ahead of the curve, opt for this campaign now.
  • Just like the varied channels- out-of-home marketing, telemarketing, and offline marketing, SEM is just another extra outlet through which your business could earn huge profits. While this is certainly an advantage, the best thing about SEM campaigns is that you can personalize for maximum efficiency.

Now that we are aware of the brighter side of SEM, let us see the ways by which one can get hold of the best search engine marketing services as a myriad of options are readily available.

Tips to Choose the Best SEM Company

  • Assess the projects that they were a part of and go through the customer reviews to gauge their levels of ability.
  • See if the professionals working here are competent, efficient and experienced enough to handle delicate business issues.
  • Make sure to check their working methods, which would confirm that the company uses cent percent legal tactics.
  • Following the above-mentioned suggestions would let your business succeed in the dynamic online world.
6 Mar 2018
content strategy

The internet has revolutionized business and commerce. Where competition and the battle for free-market dominance used to be battled at local levels, now with the advent of globalization and the internet, competition is fierce and worldwide. Businesses that neglect to manage their online presence, increase online traffic, and change and adapt to the global business climate will often falter or fail. It is important more than ever to put in effort into maintaining a strong online presence and driving traffic to websites to increase sales, exposure, and brand recognition. Here are 5 killer content strategy ideas that just might increase your online traffic.

1. Create quality content

One of the downfalls of the internet is the wide range of quality that is available on the internet. For whatever reason, not all businesses and entities hold themselves to the same high quality standards. As a result, content is not consistent from one source to the next. Creating quality content is one way to drive more traffic. Customers get the information they need which fosters trust and dependence on the information you provide.

2. Create blogs from customers’ perspectives

Too many sources on the world wide web are chock full of technical jargon that is not easily readable and accessible to the average customer. Also, these sources of information tend to sound too “salesman-like” which in these days is mostly a turn off to customers. We live in a peer-to-peer age where information that appears to come directly from users’ sources and word of mouth has the most merit. Create blogs from the perspective of customer experiences and deeper understanding and connections can be made. The usefulness and frank dialogue will drive traffic on its own.

3. Give out useful information for free

It used to be a common trend to tease and tantalize customers by offering up articles or informational material only to turn around and request payment to view the full content. This model worked for a while, however, now the internet is full of free content and customers today demand content mostly for free. Give your customers what they want, short of the actual product or service they demand and you can develop a strong relationship with them that builds trust and loyalty. Frequently changing up the resources and updating websites, blogs, and other content vehicles will get potential customers hooked and increase traffic and sales.

4. Don’t be afraid to market to other businesses

Creating content and marketing to other smaller businesses is also a great way to expand your net exposure. Much like word of mouth or viral marketing, providing quality content to other similar businesses creates a community and may allow your business to tap into markets that were previously unnoticed. This can increase your customer base substantially and allow for new exposure that create win-win publicity for all the entities involved.

5. Keep your content diverse

Keywords and phrases can differ significantly but still trickle down and lead to the same content. Understand the different ideas and viewpoints that your customers may have and target it. This will lead to a diversified web of content that can funnel in more potential customers to your websites. This not only can create an increase in traffic, but it stimulates creativity and may even show you untapped markets you had not imagined before.

Follow these 5 tips to make your content hit the bull’s eye.

12 Feb 2018
Social Media

When I discuss social networking, social media, SEO, SEM and social marketing with small business owners for the first time, many are overwhelmed and confused about what they really are and how they impact their business. They know that they are all important, but not sure why. They know they need to establish an effective social web presence, but not sure how. If you feel similar frustration, let me share a little light on a couple of these subjects.

What is Social Media?

In a nutshell, social media is content designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using social tools such as social networks, business networks, forums, bookmarking, video sharing, etc. Social media are web-based technologies that transform traditional broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It allows you to not just talk to your customer; it allows you to talk with and interact with your customer in a way that was never possible before.

What is Social Marketing?

Social Marketing is the actual marketing strategy and implementation of your efforts to effectively market yourself on the internet utilizing social media and social networks as well as related strategies that utilize SEO “Search Engine Optimization” and SEM “Search Engine Marketing/Monetization.”

Wikipedia describes social media marketing as:

“the act of using social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other collaborative Internet form of media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service. Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.”

Where I believe that most small business owners run into trouble is that they see the action side of social marketing and not the planning side of social marketing. The action side has two primary components:

  1. Create traffic through videos, tweets, or even blog entries that attract attention, link energy and become viral in nature. Traffic and link energy is the element that makes social marketing effective, it replicates a message not through purchase of an ad, but through user to user contact.
  2. Identify and connect with visitors and capture targeted connections, prospects, and customers. Building a base for your brand or company to grow from.

Action for the sake of it is ineffective. Many companies’s implement social media marketing campaigns because they either are told it is important or their competition is doing it. They jump in doing what they see and hear everyone else doing, accomplish nothing and become frustrated by the time and money that they have wasted.

Defining Your Small Business SMS “Social Marketing Strategy”

Before you jump into social marketing head first, you need to establish an effective SMS “Social Marketing Strategy” that will identify

  • What are your internet presence goals and objectives? (Develop a contact list, website monetization, marketing information, brand development)
  • Who is your target connection and customer that you want to attract, identify and capture?
  • What are the most effective social networks and media tools to reach your target and achieve your goals?

You can not be all things to all people. Only after you ask and answer the three questions above can you develop and implement an effective social media marketing campaign that will be successful and achieve your goals. Now you may have multiple plans, using multiple social resources, but the key is to always start with the SMS!

9 Feb 2018
link building

When you have a website, one of the main aims that you have is to attract as much traffic to it as possible. This not only helps you to increase the revenues from your website but also spreads the word about your products and services among the maximum number of your potential customers. However, attracting the visitors to a website involves several well-planned steps. A major part of it is link building, which helps to direct the potential customers from some other site to your own website. There are various ways of building links. Some of the link building strategies have been discussed in this article.

Commenting on Blogs

One of the most popular ways of link building for your website is through blog commenting. There are numerous blogs on the web and many of them are relevant to your product as well. You need to find those blogs and make meaningful comments on them. These blogs provide the option of linking your website address to the comment. This means that if a visitor to this blog finds interest in your comment and hence, clicks on your username, he or she is directed to your website. This helps to increase website traffic a great deal.

Marketing by Posting Articles

Creating and posting articles related to your business and products can come in handy to attract maximum traffic to your website. Unlike the case of commenting on blogs, creating the articles provides you with the freedom of choosing your own topics. Thus, you can write on topics that are completely relevant to your business. In some cases, you can even market your products and services directly in your write up. Moreover, you can hyperlink some important keywords in your article, which are likely to attract maximum attention of the readers. Thus, you can ensure that by clicking on those interesting keywords, the readers will be directly taken to your own website. Thus, the articles, on one hand, will help to spread the word about your business and, on the other, will increase traffic to your website.

Social Book Marking

With the advancement in the field of technology and the emergence of the internet, social bookmarking sites have become the favorite of the business owners looking forward to building the links to their websites. You can create short write-ups about your products and services, hyperlink your website address, and post them on the social bookmarking websites. Thus, when the readers become interested in the write-up and click on the topic, they will be directed to your website.

Implement these link building strategies to ensure your website attracts maximum traffic and take your business to newer heights.

13 Jan 2018

Blogging about the latest news, new products, and topics your audience is interested in is the best way to improve the authority of your business, and bring in new qualified leads. If you’re a marketer in charge of your company’s blog, or a writer tasked with coming up with new content ideas and need to get buy-in from management, read on.

Traffic Improvement

Having a 90% conversion rate from your site doesn’t mean much if the only traffic you get is from coworkers. Creating regular content gives your social media team something to work with. Sharing on social media, in newsletters or even a weekly blog subscription gets more eyes on your website. None of this can happen without having something to promote. Well-written content also entices others to link to your site, and drive traffic from referrals.

More traffic means more leads.

SEO Benefits

Not only will your traffic naturally increase due to folks clicking on your headline, but you’ll make Google happy, too. Regular posting results in SEO improvements in several ways. First, with every post comes the opportunity to target long-tail keywords, which helps with just getting your pages onto Google’s radar. Second, the more pages your site has, the more authority you’ll seem to have and this helps drives your placing higher in the search.

Finally, websites that are regularly updated also get the attention of Google, as your content is not static and is therefore timely. Even adding a recent posts module on your homepage will improve your search rankings.

Long-Term Lead Generation

While some posts are going to be timely and meant for current readers, many posts can be updated over time and made for the future. Longer, in-depth posts, or those that roundup articles on the same topic, are perfect for prospects visiting your site later and can continue to generate traffic and good conversions over time.

13 Jan 2018
digital marketing

Do you realize the fact that it isn’t possible to make a promotional digital marketing campaign successful until you utilize multi-channel endeavors that are inspected carefully? If you have your own business or store that you wish to promote online, then it’s important to understand what entices a client lastly helps in building a relationship.

Keeping in mind the end goal to jump forward, an individual should think about analytical tools to plan for the future.

There are mainly three things that every business owner with an online presence needs to concentrate on.

Activity & Actions That Need To Be Taken

Action measurements take a basic approach. The move is made just for a positive result that helps in business development. There’s no need to check how well you have stayed active on the social media front. Instead, consider the number of clicks that result in a purchase or the situations when coupons are being downloaded. While business owners try to sell by utilizing models, these are too complicated to handle and costly for advertising experts as well.

Engagement You Need Make

Each kind of engagement is not quite the same as others. For example, despite the fact that people have performed comparable activities, somebody may demonstrate more enthusiasm by watching a brief video than anyone who likes posts.

Moreover, it’s not worth when a man watches a video without sound. The assignment is uninvolved compared to watching recordings till the end. In any case, since there are no tools available for looking at engagement stages, a controlling guideline is proposed once you coordinate with a website developer.


Observation measurements enable you to make an impact of a message or any sort of content. The impact is measured indirectly through social tuning in, reviews and well-characterized search. The adjustment in the measurements can be reduced through conversions when awareness ascends a bit. If you have extra time for work, at that point you can contact a renowned SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) organization to achieve the desired results.

Here are two tools that you can’t ignore when it comes to digital marketing.

Google Analytics

If you have to monitor the performance of the website, then Google Analytics is clearly an astounding weapon. An entrepreneur can measure advertising ROI and track Flash across social networking platforms. Actually, you can see data related to the site.


Another valuable tool for website optimisation is the Webmaster. Such a sort of tool offers insights that connect with content, indexing status, and how the site should look according to the impression of visitors. Apart from that, the expert can likewise see major technical errors on the site. In general, the reports enable you to make and execute the best digital marketing steps.

24 Dec 2017
on-page seo

Search Engine Optimization is the requirement of an online business as most of the businesses want their websites to rank on the top pages of the search engines. The idea is to focus on an SEO strategy that boosts the ranking of a website. Hence, if someone initiates an online search by entering a keyword in the search bar, s/he is assayed with an extensive list of websites to halt. Possibly, your site can also make room for itself on the list, if your On-Page SEO strategy is foolproof.

Tricks for Better On-Page SEO

The need for On-Page SEO gets intense for a website to flourish. On-Page SEO is a strategy that is applied to a site for enhancing its search ranking and also for attracting more visitors. The main aim of the article is to highlight on the specific on-page tricks that can add value to your website by boosting its organic ranking.

Page Title

The page title plays a significant role in the growth of a website. It is important for a page to have a unique title along with the inclusion of the main keyword in it. For example – If your article relates to On-Page SEO and your keyword is also the same, it becomes necessary to add the keyword to the title of the page. Just take a look at the title of this page. Here the main keyword is on-page SEO that is present in it. Hence, including the main keyword is the essence to optimizing the website.

Meta Title

Meta title tag is an HTML tag specifying the page’s title. Meta title and Page title are usually the same. Though Page title can be a bit long, Meta title cannot be longer than 60-70 characters. It targets the main keyword of the website and can be different from the page’s title.

Meta Tag

Indeed! The meta tag of a site is its bottom line. Relevant keywords must be used throughout the content in the form of meta-tags. Keywords are used in a way to describe the substance of the page for the search engines to index the website.

Meta Description

Meta description includes the short description of the matter in the page that must contain the main keyword. According to Google’s guideline, the description should not be more than 160-170 characters.


It is important to make use of relevant keywords in the body of content. Keywords should be well-researched, and even the density must not exceed 1%-2% for avoiding stuffing of the same. Google seek for content that sounds natural and must be of high-quality. Hence, forced keyword in the body degrades the reading experience affecting the site’s ranking negatively.


Again focus on designing a short URL that is descriptive, effective and compelling.

Apparently, an efficient on-page strategy is a key to the success of the online business.

11 Dec 2017
SEO audits

SEO audits are not an oft-discussed subject but that doesn’t really mean that it’s less-practiced as well. However, if you didn’t have an idea prior to reading this post, let us tell you that SEO audit is a standard practice for websites. Those who are serious about their online marketing endeavors do invest in frequent audits. If you’re looking forward to making the most of your online SEO campaigns make sure you’re investing due time for these audits as well.

The Importance of SEO Audits

A credentialed SEO Company hired by you will definitely ask you to act in accordance. Kindly do not commit the mistake of avoiding this bit completely. Read on to find out about the fundamentals of the same.

Let us clarify from the very beginning that an SEO audit is not quite like a traditional audit. The latter is performed only for marketing purposes- a properly executed audit – right at the onset- would mean that you are that you have better knowledge about the performance of your website – its overall performance and the performance of the individual pages. Improved search engine rankings, needless to say, make for the only purpose behind these audits. They are performed before the beginning of a project and at the beginning of a fresh quarter.

No Overdoing it

Though it is important to invest time for these audits on a regular basis, experts clearly warn us against overdoing it – especially if it’s a small website that we are dealing with. Technical analysis, on page analysis, off page analysis and competitive (keyword) analysis are the vital parts of audits. Sites can be improved with well-placed audits. You are in a position to analyze a particular site from different angles – all with that one goal of realizing avenues of improvement. Here is a more detailed look.

Technical analysis entails checking whether the website is working properly or not. Accessibility and indexability are the cornerstones of SEO audits. Accessibility very simply refers to the search engines’ and the users’ ability to access your site. If your content cannot be accessed by others then there is no point of creating a website in the first place. A few attributes that you need to check without fail are:

  • Robot.txt files
  • Robots meta tags
  • XML sitemaps
  • Website speed
  • Redirects
  • Mobile responsiveness

Indexability is treated with paramount importance by search engines since it determines the visibility of your content. Once you have fixed your accessibility issues you’re ready to go on with the indexability bit.

On page analysis includes identifying conflicting blog topics – those that have nothing to do with the website itself, duplicate content, the attempt to rank same keywords on different pages, placement of proper URLs among others.

Not a lengthy process!

Do you think that SEO auditing necessarily has to be an arduous process? Not really! There are a few SEO auditing tools that can be explored to get the job done faster.

11 Dec 2017

E-newsletters are fantastic for keeping your customers up-to-date with special offers and new developments. They land directly in your customers’ inboxes and can be personalized too. Best of all newsletters enable you to find out more about your customers because there are tools that allow you to see who has opened and forwarded your email, and what they’ve clicked on. A great newsletter will help to establish your brand and build a loyal following. Here’s how to do it:

What’s in it for me?

That’s the question your readers will be asking. A good newsletter provides quality content that gives advice or information readers can use. Make-up ideas, recipes, gardening advice – whatever is relevant to your brand. Aim to send three articles like this for everyone sales piece.

Do you know your audience?

Is your typical reader going to be scanning your newsletter on the train or reading at leisure from the comfort of their sofa? If you know this, you know how much detailed information to include.

How enticing is the title?

It’s vital that the subject line is intriguing as well as recognizable to readers. Will a short, sharp line be effective or will your readers respond better to a lengthy, detailed subject line? Think about which keywords are most likely to entice your readers by using a split-testing method. For keyword ideas Google Econsultancy’s 152 Killer Keywords.

Will you show consideration or pay the price?

Before someone signs up for your newsletter tell them exactly how their data will be used and how often the newsletter is produced. Give them a chance to customize how often they receive your newsletter so that it is always welcome and never a nuisance. If they can customise they are less likely to unsubscribe.

Have you evoked the senses?

Use images, animation, and video to grab your readers’ attention, motivating them to read on.

What do you want your readers to do?

Your newsletter needs a clear ‘call to action’ which stands out. Do you want your readers to ‘shop now’ or ‘read more’? Think about the wording, color and position of your call to action. What will work best?

Ultimately, consideration for your audience is what makes a good newsletter a great newsletter.

11 Dec 2017
Social media marketing

Business marketing has been changed dramatically with the use of social media sites. New markets are accessible which can be a huge benefit to any business, and today there are ways to use social media marketing more efficiently than ever before.

Here are 7 laws which can help your business develop a more effective social media marketing campaign and presence.

1. Quality Before Quantity

Social media marketing today needs to be helpful, useful and provide more than your competitors. Get a competitive edge by investing more time developing valuable content that you can share with your followers. Great content wins clicks, comments shares, and likes.

2. Focus

Obscure and unfocused content doesn’t help anybody. Keep within your niche. If you post about anything, it will clutter your message, and turn off people who come to your profile with a specific intent.

3. Connect With Key Influencers

Identify the key people or organizations in your niche. They have the audience you’re trying to reach so when you comment and post on their pages, you’re target audience will see you too. One of the best uses for any social network to hook up and interact with other businesses in your niche. Don’t be reluctant to promote others, the rewards can be considerable.

4. Be Available

It’s pointless posting content onto your pages and not allowing people to interact with you following the post. When you interact with your audience it gives you a further chance to showcase your business and become a top resource in your niche.

5. Pick Your Social Media Sites Carefully

Not every market will use the same sorts of social media. To be successful, you need to choose the sites which are used most by the people that you want to target. For instance, Snapchat is used by young people while all ages are on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Don’t Forget Your Followers Are People

It’s easy to forget there is a regular human being behind each click post, like or comment. Designing your content for these people will make them feel appreciated and included. This is what will boost sales for your business.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Your competitors are on social media and you can simply see what they are up to by reading their posts. This will help to keep you updated on the most current trends and innovations and so you can react appropriately. It also helps you to steer clear of duplication and allows you to set your posts apart from others.

An effective way to generate leads, build your email list, get more prospects and sell your products and services on social media is to have a Facebook Group. However, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Doing it the wrong way can lead to lasting damage to your brand. On the flip side, when you do it the right way it will bring many benefits.