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Without SEO our websites may be seen by just a handful of people. SEO is an integral part of our web promotion services.So look for SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

Search Engine Optimization

Without the services of the search engines our websites may be seen by just a handful of people. Every popular search engine has its own terms on how they rank a particular website or a page within the site. Webmasters and web service providers keep constant track of the ever changing algorithms so that they can help the websites they are servicing to perform at optimal levels. Though Google is the most popular search engine around the globe, we cannot afford to ignore the others because, as website owners, we have no knowledge about specific customer/demographic preferences.


Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of our web promotion services. A host of methods and tools are employed in ensuring that almost every popular search engine across the digital world finds your website and lists it on the first page. This is an essential measure to ensure that your website receives continuous targeted traffic. Search Engine Marketing employs many of the tools employed in search engine optimization though the expertise needed for this job is different from search engine optimization itself.


After your website design and functionalities are discussed, website promotion will generally start as soon as the site is hosted and submitted to the search engines. Traffic building strategies like link building, directory submission, bookmarking, blog posting and on-site SEO measures will also be launched concurrently to ensure that traffic to your websites starts at a quick pace and grows consistently. Even websites that are long established and drawing millions of visitors everyday need to be consistently nurtured to help them retain their coveted position. Identifying appropriate keywords and using those keywords diligently can be done only by experienced professionals.


We understand that every business is unique and so are SEO needs. Yet the bottom-line is the relation between investment and sales. We are driven by developing the unique and customized SEO strategies to provide sustainable results. We are the best SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh and our ethical and organic SEO approach helps your business achieve success and the best ROI.

SEO PackagesStartupGrowthPremiumEnterpriseHigh VolumeBlast
Keywords Plan351050100Dedicated
Price Per Month

6000 TK

USD 75

10000 TK

USD 120

20000 TK

USD 250


USD 1200

200000 TK

USD 2500

150000 TK

USD 1950

Keywords Top 10 Guarantee*125105050% of overall keywords
Initial Review & Analysis
In-Depth Site AnalysisRightRightRightRightRightRight
Duplicate Content CheckRightRightRightRightRightRight
Competition AnalysisRightRightRightRightRightRight
Keyword AnalysisRightRightRightRightRightRight
Baseline Ranking CheckRightRightRightRightRightRight
Keyword URL MappingRightRightRightRightRightRight
Broken Links CheckRightRightRightRightRightRight
Google Penalty CheckRightRightRightRightRightRight
Initial Rank ReportRightRightRightRightRightRight
On Page Optimization
Header Tags OptimizationRightRightRightRightRightRight
Internal Link Structuring & OptimizationRightRightRightRightRightRight
Existing Content OptimizationRightRightRightRightRightRight
Robots.Txt Creation/AnalysisRightRightRightRightRightRight
Xml Sitemap/AnalysisRightRightRightRightRightRight
Google Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up)RightRightRightRightRightRight
Google Analytics Set Up (if not setup)RightRightRightRightRightRight
Page Speed Optimization AnalysisRightRightRightRightRightRight
Fresh Web Content SuggestionsRightRightRightRightRightRight
Google Analytics setup with conversion trackingRightRightRightRightRightRight
Title & Meta Tags OptimizationUpto 10 PagesUpto 20 PagesUpto 40 PagesUpto 60 PagesUpto 100 PagesUpto 150 Pages
Image & Hyperlink OptimizationWrongRightRightRightRightRight
Bing Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up)WrongRightRightRightRightRight
HTML Site Map CreationWrongRightRightRightRightRight
Website Page Load OptimizationWrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Optimization of robots.txt & Google Bot crawlsWrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Pagination Tags on SiteWrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Proper URL structure analysisWrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Resolve Webmaster Crawl ErrorsWrongWrongRightRightRightRight
No Follow on External LinksWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Shopping cart funnel analysis and recommendationsWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Footer OptimizationWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Website usability analysisWrongWrongWrongWrongRightRight
Html Code Cleanup & OptimizationWrongWrongWrongWrongRightRight
Check Header Status, Meta Robots, Google Cache of PagesWrongWrongWrongWrongRightRight
Check Mobility IssuesWrongWrongWrongWrongWrongRight
Check AMP Pages IssuesWrongWrongWrongWrongWrongRight
URL Parameter HandlingWrongWrongWrongWrongWrongRight
Custom 404 PageWrongWrongWrongWrongWrongRight
Schema & Structured Data Mark Up
Logo OptimizationWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Schema on Contact AddressWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Schema on BreadcrumbWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Schema on Ratings/ Reviews (E Commerce)WrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Schema on BlogWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business Setup & VerificationRightRightRightRightRightRight
Local Business Directory/ Citations257101520
Customer Reviews/Ratings SubmissionsWrong1251015
Contact Address in FooterWrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Google+ Site VerificationWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Google Embedded MapWrongWrongWrongWrongRightRight
Content Marketing (per month)
Blog Writing112345
Classified Writing124568
Article Writing123456
PDF CreationWrong11123
Press Release WritingWrong1 in 6 Months2 in 6 Months3 in 6 Months11
Infographic CreationWrongWrong1 in 6 Months2 in 6 Months12
PPT CreationWrongWrong1112
Guest Blog PostingWrongWrong1124
Video CreationWrongWrong1235
Premium PR DistributionWrongWrongWrongWrong1 in 6 Months2 in 6 Months
Off Page Optimization
Blog Submission112345
Article Submission123456
Blog Promotion5512152025
Company Profile Listing5710152025
Classified Submissions51020253040
Article Promotion51015202530
Social Bookmarking101520253040
PDF/Doc SubmissionWrong55101015
Video PromotionWrong55102025
Image Submissions*WrongRightRightRightRightRight
Press Release PromotionWrong5 in respective Month5 in respective Month5 in respective Month55
Press Release SubmissionWrong5 in respective Month5 in respective Month5 in respective Month55
Infographic PromotionWrongWrong5 in respective Month5 in respective Month510
Infographic DistributionWrongWrong5 in respective Month5 in respective Month510
PPT PromotionWrongWrong55510
PPT SubmissionWrongWrong55510
Blog CommentingWrongWrong571015
Video SubmissionWrongWrong5101525
Product Submissions*WrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Coupon DistributionWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Q & A Submissions*WrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Forum PostingWrongWrongWrongWrongRightRight
Social Media Sharing (per month)
Micro BloggingRightRightRightRightRightRight
Google Plus Business Page Setup (One Time Activity if not existed)RightRightRightRightRightRight
Facebook & Twitter Account Setup (One Time Activity)WrongRightRightRightRightRight
Custom Twitter Background (One Time Activity)WrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Facebook Timeline Desing (One Time Activity)WrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Twitter UpdatesWrongWrongRightRightRightRight
Facebook Wall UpdatesWrongWrongWrongRightRightRight
Pinterest Account CreationWrongWrongWrongWrongRightRight
Follow PinboardsWrongWrongWrongWrongWrongRight
Pin ImagesWrongWrongWrongWrongWrongRight